What is H frame pullet battery cage system

The U profile legs is supporting the main cage body, which are placed each 1.23m. We say one section is one cage. Its shape is modular form and the whole battery cage could be built to up 3 tiers to 8 tiers and length to 150m, Then we called it battery cage system, it is easy to understand that the system is designed for maximum uniformity.

battery cage 1

Design of Door and bottom mesh of pullet battery cage
We have special design of the bottom mesh, its size is 19mm*19mm also 1’’ by 1’’, directly put day old chicks on bottom mesh no need plastic mesh for chicken feed, it is more comfortable and high efficiency. The door is in middle of each cage and opens to inside of cage, easy to manage, save labor and time, cage dimension is 65*123mm.

Feeding system
The side of feeding trough besides the cage mesh is shorter to make sure day old chicken easy reach, because this perfect design there is no feed mostage when there is chain feeding system which is turning around In bottom of feeding tough, after automatic feeding hopper drops feed it makes feed well-proportioned, so feed the chicks and pullet more homogenised.

Drinking system
All pipe and nipple line could be adjusted as day old chick’s age.

Manure removal system
All frame of manure removal system are made by galvanized material and give long life, There is manure belt to collecting all manure under every tier of battery cage, the whole system could service for 200m because of its stronger structure, Belt is made of Poly Propylene.

Temperature control system
At beginning of the poultry house , cooling pads are fixed in the wall and in the end of wall there is ventilation fans, it sucks cooling water from pads to reduce temperature of poultry house.

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