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Vanke Machinery & Equipment Nig Ltd was found in 2016. Registration information is as follows,

Address: After Sinoma Office, 200 Meters Near Danco Filling Station, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway
CAC no: 1352199
Expertises: Agriculture services 
Company product: Poultry cages and equipments

Main products are automatic and semi-auto chicken cage of egg laying chicken, broilers and chicks, Automatic slaughtering equipment, Manure cleaning and drying machine, feed mill, incubator and also other poultry plastic products.

The lifespan of VANKE chicken cage are 5 years higher than local making, paying morning, afternoon delivery, paying afternoon, second day delivery, now Vanke has 4 installation team of chicken cage and poultry equipment, Workers arrive same day with goods and starting installation working

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information for managing the egg flock for maximum productivity.


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