Food Vacuum Packing Machine
What is food vacuum packing machine?
This machine is suitable for vacuum pumping, inflation, body fitted plastic plastic/ paper plastic packing for a variety of foods, meat, seafood, vegetables, frozen meat, medical machinery, injection needle, transfusion and other products.

Two types
1. one vacuum room, One bags once

2. two vacuum room, two bags once

(The machine is always working with chicken scalding machine, defeather machine and cutting machine to finish broiler processing)

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The size is as sealing size , such as 260mm,350mm,400mm,450mm,500mm,600mm

1. one vacuum room, One bags once
Type B-260 B-350 B-400 B-450
Vacuum room dimension 280/380×280×50mm 410×370×170mm 450×420×70mm 480×470×170mm
Packing speed 1-4 times/min 1-4times/min 1-4times/min 1-4times/min
Sealing size 260×10mm 350×10mm 400×10mm 450×10mm
Pumping Speed 10m3/h 10m3/h 20m3/h 20m3/h
Voltage 220v 50hz 220v 50hz 220v 50hz 220v 50hz
Power 0.37kw 0.6kw 0.75kw 0.9kw
Dimension 480×330×360mm 560×420×380mm 560×470×460mm 560×520×460mm
Weight 35kg 55kg 60kg 70kg

2. two vacuum room, two bags once
Type B-2-400 B-500 B-600
Vacuum room dimension 400×400×70mm 500×520×70mm 620×600×70mm
Packing speed 2-8times/min 2-8times/min 2-8times/min
Sealing size 400×10mm×2 500×10mm×2 600×10mm×2
Pumping Speed 20m3/h 20m3/h 20m3/h
Voltage 220~380v 50hz 220~380v 50hz 220~380v 50hz
Power 0.75kw 0.9kw 1.2kw
Dimension 520×490×1000mm 650×570×950mm 800×800×1000MM
Weight 80kg 90kg 110kg


1. Control System: The PC control panel provides several control modes for user's selection. 
2. Material of Main Structure: 304 stainless steel. 
3. "V" lid Gasket: The "v" shaped vacuum chamber lid gasket made of high-density material  guarantees the sealing performance of the machine in routine work.
4. Electrical requirement and plug could be custom according to customer requirement.
5. automatically finish the whole programs of vacuum extraction, gas flushing (optional) , sealing, printing,cooling and exhaust .
6. The products can be prevented from oxidation, going mould,insects or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for longer time


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1. CE Certifcation
2. Small size with easy operation
3. Suitable in house using and industrial using 
4. Multi-language operation panel for choosen
5. Multi-language panel


Wooden box or plastic wrap


1. Cleaning inside and outside after using every time.
2. Before starting, confirm all wire connect well.


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