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Broiler Cage

The broiler is in the cage system from the age of 1 day to 45 days ready to market, cages are with small feeders and drinkers. When broilers 3 weeks they are drinking with moving drinking line

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Cage Basket Size
1) 140cm* 70cm* 42cm
2)  2 small cage cells 
3)  the sliding door
4)  24 chick broilers/cage

Full Cage System Size
1) A type, 3 tiers
2) 6 cage baskets
3) 1.5m by 2.2m by 1.75m
4) 96 birds/set
5) drinking system
6) feeding system
7) dropping plate


1. In one cage from one day old broilers to 45 days
About 45 days the broiler will be slaughtered for market, the broiler will finish the whole growing life in same cage, it is effective
2. Meat quality better and increasing faster
1) VANKE® unique bottom mesh for broiler standing, flexible and the broiler feel more comfortable
2) VANKE® broiler cage size design is as adult broiler size and weight, there are not too much space for broiler walking, so reduce energy consumption and store more fat
3. Stronger and more durable
Broilers weight is heaver than layers, it request the cage mesh more stronger and longer lifespan for frequently using and transferring, experience from our own broiler farm proof that Best® broiler cage lifespan is up to 15 year


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 Comparing with feeding on on ground, advantage of the broiler cage is 
1. Save more space and more Broilers feeding
The capacity in broiler cage is three or four times than on ground in same area
2. Feeding save
workers will give food to broiler fixed quantity and time in broiler cage
3. Reduce the spread of disease
Better than ground, preventing the transmission of disease and bacteria


The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box


1. After finish installation, clean the feeding trough
2. Connect water, to make sure the whole drinking system is well from row beginning to end
3. After 2 years using, move all birds, clean the cage mesh
4. Replace the nipple drinkers if they link water to protect brid feather, medicinal water will make feather fall off


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