Chicken Scalding Machine

How is chicken scalding machine working?

The chicken feather  loose easily and fast under big force of friction made by roll mandrel turning and mixing, greatly improving scalding rate
(The machine is always working with defeather machine, cutting machine and package machine to finish broiler processing)

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Working capacity: 400KG/MIN
Motor Power: 380V or 220V, 1.5KW
Heat tube power: 24KW
Thickness of machine body: 2MM
Material of machine body: stainless steel
Rotating speed: 12 times/MIN
Size: 1.4m by 0.75m by 0.75m
Weight: 200KG


1. Stainless steel material: the machine body is made by stainless steel, working time is more than 5 years
2. Quality motor: the motor is the heart of machine, Best choose motors under international standard and ISO9001 certification


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