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Egg Incubator

Why you need an egg incubator in your poultry farm business plan ?

1. Farmers choosing: Hatching time 21 days, a little long, your farm plan may be delayed
Most of the farmers they order chicks from hatching factory, because of hatching time is around 21 days, in business season like before or after Christmas and New year most farmers will sold out their layers or broilers, the chicks demand exceeds supply, your farm plan may be delayed, so you had better preparing an egg incubator, it is easy to get birds when you need. But if you want to do home hatchery, our min egg incubator from 7 eggs to 112 eggs is enough for you.
2. Chicks dealer choosing: Big market of chicks, very good business of baby chicken

From our experience of visiting farmers, we got that in most African countries, baby chicken is a big requirement, because limited condition of the land, electricity, transportation and so on, the chicks’ output of hatching company is much less than market requirement. BEST company is planing hatching career based on our poultry cage and equipment business.

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Capacity from 48 eggs to 50,000 eggs

Type Chicken eggs Duck eggs Goose eggs Size (mm) Power (W) Voltage (V)
DT-48 48 / / 550*450*700 50W 220V
DT-100 100 63 32 750*550*700 60W 220V
DT-176 176 126 64 750*550*800 80W 220V
DT-264 264 189 96 750*550*900 100W 220V
DT-352 352 252 128 750*550*1000 120W 220V
DT-1408 1408 1008 576 950*650*1500 260W 220V
DT-2112 2112 1512 768 1350*830*1500 350W 220V
DT-2816 2816 2016 1152 1750*830*1500 500W 220V
DT-3520 3529 2520 1440 1750*830*1800 700W 220V
DT-4224 4224 3024 1728 1750*830*2000 800W 220V
DT-12672 12672 9072 5184 3000*1800*2000 2300W 220V/380V
DT-16896 16898 12096 6912 4000*1800*2000 2800W 220V/380V
DT-19712 18172 14112 8064 4000*1800*2000 3000W 220V/380V


1. Hatching rate up to 99%, even 100%

Imported temperature and humidity sensors from Germany , stable and accurate temperature and humidity control
2. Easy to operation, incubator and hatchery together 
 Fully automatic and button Style Operation Panel, Incubating and hatching in the same machine, we supply English instruction together with incubator
3. European CE certification, Quality guarantee
Controller is the key of egg incubator, BEST microcomputer controller is certificated by CE


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All fittings of egg incubator
Heating tube
Balanced fan
Hatching basket
Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp
Multifunctional egg-turning tray
Temperature humidity sensors 
Chain design egg-turning system
Automatic Microcomputer controller
Water controlling and dry-heating system


Wooden box or plastic wrap


When on batch of hatching finished,  need do a thoroughly washed and disinfected for incubator ,then check that the mechanical parts if loosening, blocking ,check reducer lubricating oil, and clear the dust , fluff and other dirt  on the electrical equipment . run a period of time , adjust the temperature and humidity  for the next batch.


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