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Manure Removal System
Best® manure removal system - manure removal system manufacturer since 1996 and African branch and office since 2009

Most farmers are very troubled by chicken waste, Manure removal system is a high efficiency to cleaning chicken waste. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and maintains good indoor air environment, then provide animals a good living space to reduce the incidence of the disease.
It is mainly used for a variety of sheds and other farming manure cleaning such as the chicken, duck, goat, rabbit and so on. 

The followed picture is scraper using in our customer’s farm.

How is manure removal system working?
It need electricity but do not worry, less electricity enough, working once a day.
Manure removal system consists of the host seat, corner wheels, traction rope and cleaning scraper. The motor drives the gear work, turn the traction through the wheel to make the scraping manure plates run completed the dung cleaning technology.

BEST owns its poultry farms 10 years African poultry farm experience, let us sharing poultry farming experience.
Please let us know which country are you in? What is your farm plan? how many chicken do you have ? In African countries, we have branch and warehouse. Our sales department will give you advice on how to reduce investment risk and choose suitable chicken cage or necessary poultry equipment, quotation and chicken house design.
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The scraper is suitable for chicken cage, for example the width of 4 tiers of chicken cage is wider than 3 tiers, so scraper is requested wider too.
1. Fittings is Motor, scraper, rope and wheels
2. Automatic working for 2 rows or 3 rows of chicken cage
3. Power is 1.5KW and voltage is 380V

Three rows

Installation structure

The followed picture is showing all fittings Motor, scraper, rope and wheels

1. Long time using
Our motor is freely to change in 5 years, it is pure copper wire
2. Less chicken waste residue
Our scraper design is reduced the space between manure pits, cleaning rate up to 98%
The most important of installing manure removal system is the ground design and ending wall design of chicken house.
1. Ground design
Give the space to scraper, wheel and motor, pit size is as width of chicken cage
2. Ending wall design
Outside chicken house, there is chicken dropping pull in every end of scraper pit
The followed picture is showing ground design of chicken house under chicken cage in one of our customers’ farm

1. It will create an ideal environment for the living of the birds onside the poultry farm with the complete and safe removal of manure that would pollute the environment onside your poultry.
2. At the collection process of the manure, those are collected in such an organized way that you can easily make the maximum use of the chicken excrement.
3. You can reduce the cost and labor intensity, make good money by using the excrement as fertilizer, increase economic efficiency and effectively increase the egg and meat production of your poultry farm.
Directly loading in container

1. After installation, text the voltage stability to protect the motor
2. Turn on, look at the rope loosened or tightly,  make appropriate adjustment
3. Check scraper going in the balance


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