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Hebei Best Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd
Grateful to get your nice message to BEST CHICKEN CAGE AND POULTRY EQUIPMENT.I am Director Mrs Anny Wang. Best factory found in 1996, 6 workshops, 120 workers and Best company start exporting since 2002.For your chicken farm,want to send you exact quotation and chicken house design, please give following information: 

Which month do you starting building your chicken house?How many birds firstly starting like 2000, 5000 or 10,000?How many plots of your land? Cleaned or weeds still?

Mobile/whatsapp: +86-13663282016 (24 hour) 


Office Add: NO. 184 Youyi Street, Shijiazhuang City, 

China Factory: No. 8, Jinyue Industrial Zone B, Huafu Street,West Industrial Zone, Raoyang , Hengshui , Hebei Province, China

Nigerian office and factory
Rose of Sharon Plaza by Oko filing bus stop, Igando road, opposite Oando filling station,Lagos
mention " Anny chicken cage "


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