10% discount of chicken cages features and advantages high density multi-tier chicken cage can reduce the use of land
Chicken cages
It is scientifically designed and efficient in working process, also with a solid structure, thorough installation service. Chicken cage is very popular in a close house for a large scale poultry farm all over the world. The poultry battery system for layers uses an automatic feeding hopper and feed silo to give chicken feed
Spraying, with the features of corrosion-resistant can keep up the cage life to 15-20 years, it can be operated intensively and automatically in poultry management system, which also make the feeding system, drinking system, manure removal system, egg collection system coming into an automatic era, improving manpower and saving labour costs greatly
Chicken cage for poultry birds has the feature of high-automation, high density, effectively save the land and labour cost. The separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controlling system, which is the best choice of the intensive and large scale poultry farm 

Product description
Chicken cage as the name implies works with little or no human efforts, as its works automatically what it’s being instructed to do. It comes with all necessary accessories like the feeder, drinker, conveyor belt (that removes chicken’s manure) and the other conveyor belt (gathers the eggs) chicken cage makes chicken rearing easy and bearable for all poultry farmers
Chicken cage has generated controversy between advocates for animal welfare and industrial producers. This method is adopted so that a large quantity of hens could be accommodated in a very limited space so as to reduce the cost and to gain the same level of output, that is, production of eggs. This method of poultry farming has been in the limelight since the discovery of such that being practice for the egg laying hens
Chicken cages are a housing system used for various animal production methods, but primarily for egg-laying hens. The name arises from the arrangement of rows and columns of identical cages connected together, in a unit, as in an artillery battery. Although the term is usually applied to poultry farming, similar cage systems are used for other animals 

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1. High-density multi-tier chicken cage can reduce the use of land. It is also helpful in preventing epidemic and reduce poultry disease incidence 
2. The eggs are clean and won’t be broken easily
3. The mesh of plastic spraying poultry chicken cage is smooth, which can prevent the chicken foot from injury and infection effectively. The netting and bottom net are very dense, which can prevents the chickens from hurting each other
4. Chicken cage adopts galvanized and plastic spraying double technical skills. It has a strong resistance to corrosion and drug disinfectant which never gets rust
5. The chicken cages are made of Q235 wire. The frames are solid, and are able to withstand at least 60kg weight

1. The rate of broken eggs is low in chicken cage
2. It is easier to count the birds when using chicken cages
3. It creates a stable and healthy environment for the birds
4. The chicken cages are well ventilated, creating a comfortable environment for the birds
5. They have a low cost of the equipment, and are easy to operate
6. They have long service life and high stability
7. There is a low proportion between forage and egg, low production costs
8. There is less risk of infections among the birds

Types of chicken cages
1. Battery cages
Battery cages are multi-tiered wire cages designed to house multiple chickens in a stacked arrangement. They provide individual compartments for each chicken, allowing for efficient space utilization and egg production
2. A-type cages
A-Type cages have a sloping roof design, which allows eggs to gently roll onto an egg collection point. These cages are commonly used for layer hens as they help prevent egg breakage
3. H-type cages
H-Type cages have a horizontal layout, providing easier access to feeders and waterers. They are suitable for larger poultry farms with higher bird populations
4. Enriched cages
Enriched cages are an improved version of conventional battery cages. They offer additional amenities such as perches, nest boxes, and dust-bathing areas, allowing chickens to engage in more natural behaviors
5. Free-range cages
Free-range cages provide indoor housing with access to an outdoor area. Chickens can roam freely outside the cage, providing them with the opportunity to forage and engage in natural behaviors
6. Furnished cages 
Furnished cages are enriched with features like perches, nest boxes, and scratching areas to enhance the well-being of the chickens
7. Colony cages 
Colony cages are larger cages designed to house a group of chickens together. They offer more space and allow for increased social interactions among the birds
8. Vertical cages
Vertical cages are designed to make efficient use of vertical space. They are suitable for farms with height restrictions and offer increased bird capacity
9. Multi-tier cages
Multi-tier cages consist of more than two tiers, allowing for higher bird capacity and efficient space utilization within a limited area
10. Mobile cages
Mobile cages are designed to be moved easily, allowing farmers to rotate the chickens to different areas for fresh foraging opportunities and improved sanitation
11. Breeding cages
Breeding cages are specially designed to house breeding birds for the purpose of producing fertile eggs for hatching

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Frequently ask questions
Q: What are the features of chicken cage?
A: One of the features of chicken cage is that it have High-density multi-tier chicken cage can reduce the use of land. It is also helpful in preventing epidemic and reduce poultry disease incidence
Q: How can i maintain an automatic egg collection system when using it along-side the chicken cage?
A: Ensure to carry out a proper periodic cleaning and disinfection inside the vehicles used to transport eggs to avoid contamination of these during the trip
Q: What are the advantages of chicken cage?
A: The advantage of chicken cage is that the rate of broken eggs is low in chicken cage and the chicken cages are well ventilated, creating a comfortable environment for the birds in chicken cage


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