Automatic ladder type of cages for laying hens the rate of disease spread is low
Cages for laying hens
Battery cage for laying hen is a system specially designed for various chicken houses, which is convenient for the poultry birds. After the cages have been used by many poultry farmers, it had been proved a successful cage system for the birds. The cage material is steel wire and it adopts advanced technology its surface treatment is hot dipped galvanization or cold galvanization according to client’s requests
There are battery cage systems for the day old to adult birds that is from brooding to point of lay without good knowledge of cages and its specification comparing it with the pen dimension which will determine the capacity of birds a pen can accommodate will not be easy, that is why we are here not just to sell but to give rightful information about the battery cage
A battery cage is a system that is used for chickens which has grown up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks. The battery cages has increased egg production to 98% and it has made handling chicken manure very easy and has also reduced disease transmission among the chickens,
great improvement has been noticed all over the world in poultry farming due to the battery cage which has created comfort and stability for the birds

Features of battery cages for laying hens
1. There is a full automatic drinking and feeding system
2. It has quality cage fittings
3. It is durable and has strong anti-corrosion function
4. It is fully automatic and highly efficient
5. It has a lower density to protect the poultry chickens
6. The rate of disease spread is low
7. It has high durability install 
8. It is not toxic and hot galvanized
9. It is easy to clean and install
10. It provides the birds with a comfortable environment

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The battery cages for hen has some components which help to perform specific duties with little or no stress such as an automatic feeding hopper which helps take chicken feed from a central hopper or a bin out to feed the birds continuously all day 
The automatic egg collectors conveyor belt takes the eggs to the header, the flexible fingers carefully place the eggs on a cross conveyor, which then take the eggs to the classifier room and this helps to reduce broken eggs. Also, the wire cage floors are made in such a way that the eggs roll down to the egg tray for easy automatic collection
Similarly, hens droppings fall through the wire cage floor either onto a conveyor belt or into a pit for disposal. The number of hens kept in chicken battery cages can vary depending on the size of the cage and chicken battery cage is used to reduce cannibalism among the chickens

1. Keeping records of the birds will be easier
2. The amount of space required will be reduced 
3. Identification of individual bird
4. Egg is in abundance, there is no shortage of eggs
5. The battery cage system helps to create job opportunities
6. With battery cages it is easier to care for pullets
7. There is less feed consumption and wastage of feeds by the birds
8. The is more efficiency in the rate of feed conversion
9. There is low spread of diseases 
10. Cost of medication will be less and accurate dosage of drug will be determined 

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1. We sell durable battery cage system equipments that will last our customers for a long time
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6. We answer all the questions our customers may have concerning our battery cage system

Frequently ask questions
Q: Why is battery cage system needed?
A: It is needed because it provides hygiene resulting in a much lower incidence of diseases in which the infectious agent is spread through the droppings and a small group size resulting in a low incidence of social friction
Q: How does a battery cage system work?
A: The battery cage system has a trough that provides food for the hens, which they can access by sticking their heads through the wire. This constant rubbing against the cage wires causes the birds to lose feathers on their neck and front. The hens live in these cages for their entire lives
Q: How does the battery cage system help provide ventilation for the chickens in the poultry?
A: It is designed in a way that can provide proper ventilation to the chickens and protect them from lacking oxygen and the poultry cage has openings that can supply fresh air to the chickens 


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