Cages are fully equipped with automatic systems that is very efficient in the poultry farm
Chicken cage battery layer cage
The products are manufactured using strong raw materials and advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services. The component of an automatic layer cage makes rearing of poultry birds easier and with less stress. The chicken battery cage for layers enables large number of birds to be reared at the same time
The chicken cage for layers is used in poultry farm to rear layer birds. This layer battery cages are fully equipped with automatic systems that is very efficient in the poultry farm. This includes the automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure removal system 
In order to actualize the aim of keeping layers especially for commercial purpose, there is need of battery cage for layers in poultry farming because the importance of battery cage for layers in poultry farms cannot be undermined as it enhances high and quality production of eggs among other importance. The chicken cage for layers provides the factory with high production efficiency, and the overall competitiveness and economic benefits of the farm have been improved 

How many chickens can fit in a battery cage for layers
In the chicken cage for layers each cell can contain 4 birds but the total amount the cage can contain depends on the size of the cage that can carry the birds depending on the size our customers buy

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Product description
A chicken cage for layers has a nipple drinking systems included in the cages these allow the chickens to get water by pecking at a nipple. A trough runs along the length of the layer battery cage system which makes feeding the hens very easy. The floors of battery cage for layers are sloped so that eggs roll down toward the troughs on one end of the cage, where the eggs are then carried away via conveyor belt
A feeding trough is located on the other side of the cage, and food is generally always available to the chickens. They must push their heads and necks through the wire mesh. The battery cage for layers is hot dipped galvanized and it is anti-corrosive. The battery cage for layers is connected with the augers which be delivered the feed from silo to the hopper and then can transfer to the feeders 
Chicken cage for layers is used in poultries in performing daily poultry task with the ability to produce the desired result of the farmers. These battery cage for layers are made based on the industrialization and intensification of the chicken industry, battery cage for layers equipment and related environmental control technologies have achieved some achievements, such as nipple drinking water technology, automatic feeding technology, cooling technology and livestock

4. It has easy to cleaning and installation system
2. It guarantees sufficient and well distributed feed for each tier
1. The automatic manure remover removes manure is thereby reducing harmful gases
3. It reasonable slope reduces the amount of broken eggs
5. The feeding and drinking system is automatic

1.  Lighting system
A well-managed lighting system in the poultry house affects the general condition of the birds, their desire for food and physiological development, which is directly related to the productive performance of the birds. Lighting is an important way to influence the state of health, behaviour and productivity of the birds. The equipment uses the energy efficient technologies that not only create the favourable lighting conditions, but also reduce the electricity costs
2. Automatic drinking fountains
Water is a necessary factor when rearing chicken, so drinking fountains are very important in the farm buildings. From the perspective of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, nipple drinking fountains are water supply systems that can control the ambition and can make the  birds drink water automatically and do not require farmers to feed water manually, which is highly efficient. However, farmers should pay attention to the need to choose a high-quality water-tight drinking fountain
3. Poultry manure removal system
First, it helps to reduce the labour intensity of the staff and it allows reduction in disease spread, since many different kinds of viruses and microbes that can cause diseases for the bird exist in the litter

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Frequently ask questions
Q: How does the automatic manure cleaning system work with the battery cage for layers?
A: The automatic manure cleaning system works with the automatic layer cage to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the birds
Q: Is battery cage for layers really needed in a poultry farm?
A: Yes, because It has an automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, pick up eggs, centralized management and an automatic control system, which ensures the energy conservation and that makes it really efficient in a poultry farm
Q: What production system is best for layer chickens?
A:  Battery cage for layers is the most efficient, eggs from these systems are cheaper than non-cage and grain consumption per egg produced is lowest in cage systems


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