10 Importance of chicken cage system
Product description
Chicken cage system is used in poultries in performing daily poultry task with the ability to produce the desired result. These layer battery cage systems are made based on the industrialization and intensification of the chicken industry. Chicken cage system equipment and related environmental control technologies have achieved some achievements, such as nipple drinking water technology, automatic feeding technology, cooling technology and livestock
Spraying, with the features of corrosion-resistant can keep up the cage life to 15-20 years, it can be operated intensively and automatically in poultry management system, which also make the feeding system, drinking system, manure removal system, egg collection system coming into an automatic era, improving manpower and saving labour costs greatly
It is scientifically designed and efficient in working process, also with a solid structure, thorough installation service, battery cage system is very popular in a close house for a large scale poultry farm all over the world. The chicken cage system for layers uses an automatic feeding hopper and feed silo to give chicken feed

10 Importance of chicken cage system

1. Chicken cage system helps to increase development and weight gain
Lighting has been shown to be a key input in healthy chicken development. Light fixtures promotes the growth and feed conversion in the poultry farm, it helps to increase the weight gain of the layers
2. High level of automation 
It consists of fully automatic feeding, drinking water, manure removal, cooling of cooling curtains, standardized management, automatic control system, saving energy consumption, improving labour efficiency, reducing manual service feeding costs, and further improving the farm’s high efficiency of feeding in poultry farming equipment
3. It provides an animal welfare friendly environment and increase feeding
The animal welfare audits measure availability of feed for the birds and monitor flock uniformity in order to determine the overall welfare of the flock. The feeder control pan light is designed to attract birds to the main or control feeder pans. This fixture generates light at poultry specific wavelengths and draws in the birds to encourage feeding. The increased feeding activity at the control pan keeps the feed lines full resulting in evenly distributed feed for the entire line
4. It helps to increases flock uniformity and feed conversion
One of the features of chicken cage system is that it can help to improve bird weight, flock uniformity, and feed conversion. With this fixture it is crucial to have a proper production dimmer and a well-thought-out lighting program. The dim-blue light is used to calm the birds and reduce condemnation. The full spectrum with enhanced red gets birds up and moving, promotes weight gain, and increases long term of living
5. It regulates the reproduction cycles and faster maturity
It helps make it easy to provide a natural daylight simulation for improved productivity, dim–red light fixtures have proven to decrease the time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones, sunrise/Sunset simulation eliminates the stress inputs of switching lights on and off abruptly which can lower mortality and support immune response. The red spectrum helps maintain circadian rhythms and promotes sexual maturity. Light fixture was built to help regulate reproduction cycles and generate faster maturity for the poultry
6.  Reduces labour cost
The chicken cage system reduces the cost of labour because the chickens are well arranged in the cages with several facilities to boost their welfare
7. Saves land space
The chicken cage system helps in reducing land space because it requires minimal land space and can accommodate larger amount of birds
8. It reduces cannibalism among the birds
9. It provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the birds
10. It enables to rear large amounts of birds at a time

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Product description

Chicken cage system for poultry birds has the feature of high-automation, high-density, Effectively save the land and labour cost. The separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controlling system, which is the best choice of the intensive and large scale poultry farm 

The chicken cage system is used in poultry farm to rear layer birds. This chicken cage system is fully equipped with automatic systems that are very efficient in the poultry farm. This includes the automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure removal system 
In order to actualize the aim of keeping layers especially for commercial purpose, there is need of chicken cage system in poultry farming because the importance of chicken cage system in poultry farms cannot be undermined as it enhances high and quality production of eggs among other importance. The chicken cage system provides the factory with high production efficiency, and the overall competitiveness and economic benefits of the farm have been improved 


1. The automatic manure remover removes manure is thereby reducing harmful gases
2. It guarantees sufficient and well distributed feed for each tier
3. It reasonable slope reduces the amount of broken eggs
4. It has easy to cleaning and installation system
5. The feeding and drinking system is automatic

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Frequently ask questions

Q: Is it necessarily important to disinfect the poultry chicken cage system?
A: Yes, it is important to disinfect the chicken cage system so as to avoid the chickens from getting infected
Q: How can i maintain an automatic egg collection system when using it along-side poultry the chicken cage system?
A: Ensure to carry out a proper periodic cleaning and disinfection inside the vehicles used to transport eggs to avoid contamination of these during the trip
Q: Is there a particular location the egg collection system should be situated at?
A: The system does not actually have a fixed location. It is mainly installed according to the needs of customers


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