8 benefits of broiler chicken cage using in poultry farm
Basic information
Broilers are the species of birds that are basically reared for meat production. In today's broiler industry, different housing systems are used in broiler production. However, the most common one is raising broilers on the floor. Raising broilers in broiler chicken cages is another type of broiler housing system, but yet it is not commonly used. Raising broilers in broiler cages has many advantages that can help generate more income
The broiler chicken cages are cages designed to provide a clean and convenient brooding environment for broilers within limited land spaces. They come with all the required water accessories and adjoining parts. The broiler chicken cages are suitable for breeding broilers as well as mature birds in an improved intensive management system. The broiler chicken cages are designed for reducing feed spillage. They are semi-automated with a drinking system. It has a premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage, durable frames for the cages, and good quality connecting fittings
The importance of the poultry industry to the national economy cannot be overemphasized
About 10% of the world population is engaged in poultry farming, mostly on subsistence and small or medium-sized farms. However, the yielding level still remains low compared to the amount spent in starting it. The purpose of this article is to show the technical efficiency of the broiler chicken cage of poultry production

8 benefits of broiler chicken cage in poultry farm

1. It reduces the cost of labour
2. It has a full automatic feeding and watering system
3. The broiler cages system has a reasonable design of meshes which makes more room for the circulation of air and reduces the spread of diseases
4. It is easy to operate and maintain
5. It has a unique environmental control system that ensures the house has fresh air
6. It has multiple choices for your cage tier
7. It reduces cannibalism among the birds 
8. It creates a comfortable environment for the birds

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Product description 

Broiler chicken cage has been acceptable worldwide by poultry farmers as the best and effective way of rearing broilers. Broiler chicken cages have different components working together with it to create quality and comfortable living for the birds. Broiler chicken cages come with different attachments that will make the feeding and drinking system easier for the farmers. Broilers tend to feed and drink more than every other bird, so their cages are designed in such way that they will have excess feed and water to drink and when this is adequately done, the rate at which they grow increase drastically
The broiler chicken cages helps in better utilization of the space available and that is important especially when the lands are expensive. In addition, using broiler chicken cage to raise broilers provide better hygienic condition that could lead to improving the health and quality of broilers. The mortality rate as well in is very low unlike other ways of keeping broilers. So many researches done has shown that raising broilers in  broiler cages could provide better production efficiency than raising broilers on the floor
Broiler chicken cages are made entirely of metal, they are mounted in 3-4 tiers. Sometimes artificial lighting lamps are additionally mounted. Shelves in the broiler cages are easily retractable. The broiler cages are very convenient for all breeds of broilers. With this content, feeding and caring for the broiler becomes pleasant and fruitful and in such conditions, the bird grows quickly and without loss


1. The broiler chicken cages has high-density breeding and saves land space for about 50% more than that of free-range
2. The broiler chicken cages have higher automation which can save the land resources, energy and labor cost, feed and reduces the cost of drug use. So, the broiler chicken cages can increase the income by 40%
3. Its centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of avian diseases, unique cage door design which effectively prevents the birds from moving up and down to waste fodder
4. The broiler chicken cage has plastic hook partition which strengthens and supports the cage on the feeding trough

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Frequently ask questions

Q: Can broilers be reared in broiler chicken cages?
A: Yes, broilers can be reared in broiler chicken cages
Q: Is broiler chicken cages really needed in a poultry farm?
A: Yes, because it has an automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, management and an automatic control system, which ensures the energy conservation and that makes it really efficient in a poultry farm
Q: What production system is best for broilers?
A: Broiler chicken cage system is the most efficient for boilers because it makes feeding and caring for the broiler chicks easier and more efficient


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