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8 benefits of the battery cage system
Battery cages are rearing systems that are used for different type of animal production methods, but primarily for egg laying hens. The name is gotten from the arrangement of rows and columns in which identical cages were connected within her one unit, like an artillery battery. The term is usually applied to poultry farming, but similar cage systems are used for other animals
Battery cages are typically constructed using materials like galvanized steel. The cages are designed with precision, providing limited space for each bird to stand, move, or stretch their wings. They often lack amenities like perches or nesting areas found in alternative systems automated systems for feeding, watering, and egg collection are commonly integrated into battery cage setups
Housing systems in poultry farming should let poultry access to a free range area where they can find a wider range of feed stuff, including green forages, insects and worms and are able to express their natural social behavior. Poultry on organic farms were kept in small flocks and housing systems with very low stocking densities


1. Low health issues and disease transmissions
Birds raised inside cages does not fall sick or contact disease easily like their counterparts raised on the deep-litter floor. Disease is mostly transmitted from one animal to another through fecal ingestion. For instance, if a healthy chicken eats feed or water contaminated with the feces of a diseased bird, such a chicken could become infected and get sick. Contaminations of feed and water by droppings or feces are common in deep-litter rearing houses. Unfortunately, the birds would ingest the contaminated feed or water and become sick
2. Improves feed conversion and egg production
Birds confined in cages often exhibit better feed conversion ratios. It is widely believed that since the birds have very limited or no spaces to walk about and perform other energy-draining activities, the energies are channeled to other things which include fat, meat and egg production. This is why the growth performance and egg production under the cage system are higher than those of the deep-litter system
3. Serving feed and water is easy
The provisioning of feed and water to birds in cages is easier and faster especially when the task is automated with the use of automatic feeding and drinking system. You can easily serve feed to the birds through the feed troughs usually positioned at the front of the cage without being bombarded by hungry, impatient birds. This usually happens when feed is being served to birds in a deep-litter house. Sometimes, the birds stampede and may pile up on top of each other while serving them feed
4. Low cost of labor
The number of personnel required to manage birds kept in a battery cage house is lower than those of a deep-litter house. Other occasional operations such as debeaking and intramuscular and subcutaneous vaccinations are easier and faster
5. Low wastage of feed, water or eggs
You can easily prevent the wastage of feed and water in a cage. The trough is located where the claws of the chickens can’t reach. Water spillage on feed hardly occurs because both the drinker and feed trough are not close to each other. Fecal contamination seldom occurs.
6. Accommodates more birds per space
Battery cages can accommodate more birds in a limited space. For instance, if a house can accommodate 1000 birds on the floor, it could accommodate as low as 1500 birds if battery cages are used
7. Durable and suitable for all breeds of chickens
There are galvanized iron or steel cages with long lifespans of 10-15 years depending on the production material. They are galvanized to prevent rapid rusting and this makes them last for a longer time
8. High quality poultry products
Rearing conditions always have an effect on chickens and their end-product quality. These conditions include airflow, sunshine and temperature. With battery cages, these conditions can be rightly conditioned to facilitate rapid growth of your birds and less exposure to disease pathogens. Battery cages make automated feeding and drinking systems possible. Birds can be provided with clean, fresh water through nipple drinkers, thus preventing contamination and wastage of water. Clean eggs can be collected at any time with less incidence of egg cracks or egg eating. A farmer that incorporates battery cages into his farm under proper management should be getting more profits

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Frequently ask questions
Q: are battery cages cruel to the birds?
A: battery cages are often criticized for restricting the natural behaviors of hens, leading to concerns about animal welfare and cruelty. Critics argue that the limited space and lack of amenities in these cages cause stress and discomfort to the birds
Q: are battery cage eggs safe to eat?
A: battery cage eggs can be safe to eat if proper hygiene and food safety practices are followed during production and handling. However, some consumers choose to avoid them due to ethical or animal welfare reasons
Q: are battery cages being phased out?
A: in many countries, there is a growing trend toward phasing out battery cages in favor of alternative housing systems that provide more space and better living conditions for hens


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