Broiler farms provide sustainable income for Investors in Balkh Province

Broiler Farms Provide Sustainable Income for Investors in Balkh Province

Over the last year, the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development – Facility (CARD-F) constructed nine broiler farms in Balkh province. The farms produce as many as 270,000 chickens in a year which are sold in the bazars of Afghanistan’s Northern provinces.

Businessman, Abdul Wahed, had problems making profits from his construction company in Balkh province. However, with an initial investment and support from CARD-F, he built a farm with 5,000 chickens. In the first one and a half months, he was able to produce as many as 4,000 chickens which gave him a sufficient income to support himself. He said: “I became very hopeful in the first round of farm production as the income was good. I would like to request CARD-F to assist me with building more broiler farms.”

The UK and Denmark have funded CARD-F since 2009 and both countries have committed to supporting the programme until at least 2018. So far, CARD-F has helped establish over 1,000 enterprises in provinces across Afghanistan; a quarter of which are headed by women. It has also built infrastructure to increase productivity and improve links to markets.

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