What is hear stress in poultry farm Solution and management
What is hear stress? Solution and management?

Heat stress is produced when birds experience difficulty between body heat produced and heat loss. When birds experience heat stress they find it difficult to maintain a constant body temperature

What is the solution to heat stress? As humans being when the weather is hot we tend to do the following
1. we on our air-conditioning device
2. we drink cold water 
3. we on our electric fan
4. we seek shade under a mango tree or anything that would provide shade
5. some people rush to the shower to take there bath almost 4 times daily
6. we drink more fluid and eat less food

Have you ever had a bowl of pounded yam on a very hot afternoon? I have. The gush of sweat after such a meal is not so nice because you would be soaked in water immediately after such a meal.We call it heat increment due to carbohydrate metabolism. That's exactly what happens to a chicken after feeding in a hot afternoon sun. In chicken it can lead to death

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Management of heat stress in chicken 
1) It is a common knowledge that birds eat less during hot weather and drink more water. Water to feed ratio increases dramatically to about 4:1 during hot weather. Most drop in egg production and egg size is as a result of underconsumption of energy and nutrients.  For birds to lay well and sustain production they need a daily energy consumption of between 260 to 280 kcal metabolizable energy. Hence, the addition of energy to boost daily energy need during stress is very important. This can be achieved by the inclusion oil. This is the
Inclusion of fat in diet to the tune of 3 to 4% in the diet is very desirable. Apart from being a good energy source it is a rich source of linoleic acid which helps to improve the size of the egg. 
2) Inclusion of fat help liver health and prevent fatty liver syndrome in chick.To maintain a good egg shell quality inclusion of sodium bicarbonate in the feed is equally very good
3) Early morning feed is very important during this period of heat stress. Avoid feeding your birds during the hottest period of the day
4) Provide vitamins and electrolyte in the water.
5) Provision of vitamin c in water is known to be beneficial during hot weather
6) Increase the vitamin and mineral premix of your diet by 40 to 50%. My inclusion level is 5kg per ton instead of 2.5,kg per ton
Please note
conventional thinking would predict that birds consume less of higher energy feed. In practice THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Instead , they continue consuming almost the same amount of the higher energy feed, thereby getting a boost in energy.It is misleading to drop the energy level of your feed because you want the birds to consume more.The truth of the matter is that most of the problems associated with poor production in laying bird has to do with poor energy consumption.


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