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Chicken cage and poultry equipment of Hebei Best Machinery and Equipment Company in Africa

Dear friends, welcome to African page of China best chicken cage and poultry equipment

If you're a new chicken farmers, or a farmer experience for many years wants to increase the number of your birds, please contact us,  We can undertake

1. The design of the chicken farm, such as the layout drawing of chicken cage, installation book, feed room, security room and so on

2. Chicken farm’s  design to construction completion of 1000 birds to 1 million birds

3. Poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier, such as chicken cage, manure dryer, egg picking machine, manure cleaning machine, feeding machine, chicken farm generator and all equipment delivery and installation service and so on

The following two projects of African farms, page space is limited, for the specific details, please mail to, or WhatsApp message + 86 13663282016,Director Anny always 24 hours online

BEST company business in Africa

Since 2009, BEST chicken cages have been exported to Africa. Currently, the African market covers Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and other countries. Currently, Nigeria has set up factory of chicken cage and poultry equipment, office and warehouses in other African countries, sales and after-sales service.

1) the chicken cage factory in China produces 3,000 sets of chicken cages per month, which can hold 360,000 chickens

2) the chicken cage factory in Nigeria produces 1,000 sets of chicken cages per month, which can hold 120,000 chickens

3) in African warehouse we have 15-year rustproof chicken cages, chicken manure dryers that turn manure into money, automatic feed adding machines that save labor costs, automatic egg collection machines, automatic egg tray production equipment and other farm-related products

4) transportation team and installation team, providing after-sales service for customers

The next project of BEST company planing

Although there are European countries or India in a local breeding technology and the support of the veterinary drug, their technology is also very good, but for some farmers the cost is too high, so BEST company is planing bringing China advanced breeding technology to Africa, for example a hen an egg a day and 45 days broilers are ready for market,

For more information on your farm planning or equipment purchase, please leave your idea or plan below or email to, or leave a message via WhatsApp +8613663282016, director Anny is here always 24 hours online, let me have your detailed plan and give professional feedback .


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