Do you know these on in order to give your birds the best environment the poultry equipment you use matters a lot

Poultry cage system

Since the meat is high in protein the demand for it has increased and since this could be easily derived from poultry meat and its products e.g. Eggs, there will be no loss of energy in seeking for knowledge on its rearing and management even if it is at small scale. These poultry farm equipments consist of manure removal system, lighting system, incubators, feeding system, drinking system, incubators, brooders, transport crate, debeaking machine, and egg crates and so on

Poultry equipment is the tools used in the poultry industry to rear poultry birds examples are drinkers, feeders etc. The poultry farm production is the rearing of poultry birds, like ducks, broilers, pullets, quails, turkeys etc. In order to give your birds the best environment the poultry equipment you use matters a lot 
It is produced for human consumption since poultry meat is very nutritious and supplies the required protein and the birds are very easy to manage, many people see it as a worthwhile business to venture into. The poultry equipment comes in handy in the poultry farm

Poultry equipments and its uses
1. Drinking system
Water is a necessary factor when rearing chicken, so drinking fountains are very important in the farm buildings. From the perspective of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, nipple drinking fountains are water supply systems that can control the ambition and can make the  broilers drink water automatically and do not require farmers to feed water manually, which is highly efficient. However, farmers should pay attention to the need to choose a high-quality water-tight drinking fountain
2. Manure removal system
For the broilers to grow in a clean environment, it is necessary to equip the system of manure removal for the broilers. First, it helps to reduce the labor intensity of the staff and it allows reduction in disease spread, since many different kinds of viruses and microbes that can cause diseases for the bird exist in the litter
3. Lighting system
A well-managed lighting system in the poultry house affects the general condition of the birds, their desire for food and physiological development, which is directly related to the productive performance of the birds. Lighting is an important way to influence the state of health, behavior and productivity of the birds. Our equipment uses the energy efficient technologies that not only create the favorable lighting conditions, but also reduce the electricity costs
4. Egg collecting system 
This system is used for collecting eggs laid by the birds. It is fully automatic and requires no labor
5. Silos
Silos are available in different meters such as 1.08m, 2.01m, 2.75m 3.02m and capacities that is up to 30.0m ton. Silo filling either mechanic or pneumatic, or both, the pneumatic filling silos are filled by a bulk-truck equipped with pneumatic filling system. The silo is equipped with a special steel filling pipe and PVC de-aeration pipe. The system is designed to prevent feed de-mixing during filling and to fill the silo to the maximum level which is equipped with a remote opening mechanism for opening and closing of the silo roof lid. VDL offers the rigid filling auger, optionally available with movable support for multiple silo use which is perfectly sealed off for secure storage

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Frequently ask questions
Q: How can i maintain an automatic egg collection system when using it along-side the chicken cage system?
A: Ensure to carry out a proper periodic cleaning and disinfection inside the vehicles used to transport eggs to avoid contamination of these during the trip
Q: Is there a particular location the egg collection system should be situated at?
A: The system does not actually have a fixed location. It is mainly installed according to the needs of customers
Q: what is an egg grading machine?
A: egg grading machine is used for sorting eggs into different grades by weight. The main constitutes are including eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader, and filtrating floor. The eggs sorting machines are suitable for various kinds of eggs like hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, or any other eggs


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