Efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry
Basic information
To reduce inefficiency in poultry farming, inputs should be reduced by the proportion of input slacks evaluated and farmers should strive to operate in closed systems of layers and broiler production and update their knowledge and skills with the latest production and management techniques for improved efficiency and low-cost production
Poultry cage system is a housing system which is mostly used for rearing poultry birds and it is suitable for several methods of poultry rearing. Poultry farming is mainly focused on production of eggs and meat and has its efficiency in the kind of housing system in which the birds are being kept. For instance, broilers are basically reared for meat consumption while layers are reared for egg production

In order to actualize the aim of keeping both broilers and layers especially for commercial purpose, there is need of battery cage system in poultry farming because the importance of battery cage system in poultry farms cannot be undermined as it enhances high and quality production of eggs and healthy broilers for meat among other importance

Efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production

The following are the efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production
1. The poultry cage system reduces the rate of disease spread. The chicken does not touch the feces, which can make the chicken grow healthier and provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for the chicken. The occurrence of infectious diseases is prevented, and the benefit time is greatly advanced
2. It makes the birds not to peck themselves 
3. It is safe and convenient for the birds
4. It makes birds identification easier for the poultry farmer 
5. It requires minimal space. The cage density is more than 3 times higher than the flat raise density
6. It makes feed wastage minimal. The poultry cage system raised chickens can save a lot feeds because the poultry cage system helps to reduce the amount of exercise, energy consumption and waste of the birds

7. The poultry cage system reduces medication cost because the birds are always healthy

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Product description

Poultry cage system comes with necessary accessories that would ensure adequate feeding and drinking of the birds. All these help the farmers to achieve their aims and objectives in poultry farming. Also, the wire cage floors are made in such a way that the eggs roll down to the egg tray for easy automatic collection 
Similarly, hens’ droppings fall through the wire cage floor either onto a conveyor belt or into a pit for disposal. The number of hens kept in poultry cage systems can vary depending on the size of the cage and poultry cage system is used to reduce cannibalism among the birds
The invention of poultry cage system in poultry farms is to increase the rate of egg and meat production as the demand in egg consumption and meat consumption is increasing on daily basis as chicken eggs and meat provide necessary protein to the body. Poultry cage system reduces the death rate of the birds. It does restrict the movement of the birds. The birds are not exposed to dangers and it keeps them healthy


1. It is durable and has strong anti-corrosion function
2. It has a lower density to protect the poultry chickens
3. The rate of disease spread is low
4. The cage fittings are made of quality materials
5. Reasonable slope reduces the amount of broken eggs
6. The poultry cage system should meet current bird space standard. You need a modular belt cage system that offers easy shipping, improved egg roll-out and simplicity
7. It is easy to control the poultry feeding, and it greatly improves the production efficiency
8. It should have a sturdy construction, composite mesh floor and metal door latch
9. Other requirements include proper ventilation, solid rod floor support with tighter floor mesh spacing

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Frequently ask questions

Q: What is the efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production?
A: The efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production is that the poultry cage system reduces medication cost because the birds always healthy
Q: At what age can the birds be placed in a poultry cage system?
A: The birds can be placed in a poultry cage system from 12 weeks or 16 weeks
Q: What are the features of efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production?
A: In efficiency of poultry cage system in poultry production is that the cage fitting are made of quality materials 


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