How to build a chicken cage system for poultry farm
Basic information
The chicken cage system is commonly arranged back-to-back in three rows of identical small metal wire cages connected together like battery cell. In this housing system, hens have access to automatic management-controlled feed and water. Also, the wire cage floors are made in such a way that the eggs roll down to the egg tray for easy automatic collection
The chicken cage system is manufactured using strong raw materials and advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services. The component of a chicken cage system makes rearing of poultry birds easier and with less stress. It enables large number of poultry birds to be reared at the same time

Chicken cage system has become a widespread practice for several years. Today, more than 99% of all chicken meat and eggs produced are from chicken cages. It is fair to say that chicken cages has replaced free range farming or what was the natural way of growing, managing and nurturing livestock. Chickens that are raised for eggs or some other reason are all bred and raised through chicken cage systems 

How to build a chicken cage system for poultry farm

The poultry house is equipped with chicken cage system. The chicken cage system is manufactured in such a way that it comes with different components that make the whole machine to discharge various duties with little or no effort. The chicken cage system is used in housing chickens that are laying eggs and this type of chicken’s are called the layers, they are used in different part of the countries, the reason is that the design of the chicken cage system provides a comfortable environment for the chicken 

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Product description

The automatic egg collector’s conveyor belt takes the eggs to the header, the flexible fingers carefully place the eggs on a cross conveyor, which then take the eggs to the classifier room and this helps to reduce broken eggs
The chicken cage system has some components which help to perform specific duties with little or no stress such as an automatic feeding hopper which helps take chicken feed from a central hopper or a bin out to feed the birds continuously all day 
Chicken cage system is a kind of cage which is designed to confine the laying hens to lay eggs in cages, which is convenient for poultry farmers to raise chickens and collect eggs, the chicken cage system is used in a poultry farm are usually chicken cage system for the purpose of centralized management of laying hens and increasing egg production


1. It is easy to clean and install
2. There is a full automatic drinking and feeding system
3. It has quality cage fittings
4. It has a lower density to protect the poultry chickens
5. It is durable and has strong anti-corrosion function
6. The rate of disease spread is low
7. It has high durability install 
8. It is not toxic and hot galvanized
9. It is fully automatic and highly efficient


1. With chicken cage system, it is easier to care for pullets
2. It helps to reduce the cost of medication and accurate dosage of drug will be determined 
3. Keeping records of the birds will be easier with the chicken cage system
4. The chicken cage system reduces feed consumption and wastage of feeds by the birds
5. It also helps in reducing the amount of space required 
6. The chicken cage system helps in Identification of individual bird
7. With chicken cage system there is egg is in abundance, there is no shortage of eggs
8. It is highly efficient in the rate of feed conversion 
9. While using chicken cage system there is low spread of diseases
10. The chicken cage system helps to create job opportunities

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Frequently ask questions

Q: what are the advantages of how to build a chicken cage system for poultry farm?
A: one of the advantages of how to build the chicken cage system is with chicken cage system it is easier to care for pullets
Q: Why is it called a chicken cage system?
A: The chicken cage system is located in big sheds which can contain thousands of cages next to each other and stacked on top of each other. This is where the name ‘chicken cage system’ comes from stacked up together
Q: What is chicken cage system in poultry?
A: Chicken cage system is housing systems which are mostly used for chicken rearing and suitable for several methods of animal production


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