How to increase high hatchery rate in egg incubator
Control hatching temperature
Chicken hatching period: 21days,1-6days:38.2℃, 7-14days:38℃, 15day:37.8℃, 16-21days:37.2-37.5℃.
The hatching time of broiler is longer than layer chicken. 

The relative humidity at the earlier stage of hatching keep in 55%-60%,to ensure the embryo uniformly heated.It is beneficial to form the amniotic fluid of allantoic fluid.In the mid-term of hatching,the relative humidity should keep at 30%-50%,thus,beneficial for evaporation of water.In the anaphse of hatching,the relative humidity should raise to 65%-70%.In the high-humidity atmosphere,it is helpful for chick to break hull.When the hatching rate reached 20%,keep the relative humidity at75%

Egg selecting
Select the fresh egg that store in 5 days(no more than 7 days at most).If the storage time exceed 5 days,the hatching rate decline 4% and hatching time delays 30 minutes,when the egg store one more day.The preference temperature to store hatching egg is 12℃~16℃,and little point of the egg should be put upwards when storing.

There will be many germs on the egg shell after the chicks out of egg.The common method of disinfection is to suffumigate.Use formalin solution 30ml and potassium hypermanganate per cubic meter,stifling 20-30minutes,then exclude residual air.You can also use the method of spraying disinfection.bromogeramine soup atomizing solution 5%,add 50 times water,mismatch into 0.1% solution.Sprying the solution onto the surface of hatching egg with a sprayer.Take note to spray both up and down of the egg.After 3-5minites,when the eggs become dry,begin hatching

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During the development process,embryo constantly breathe in oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide.You must supply enough fresh air to keep the normal gas metabolism of embryo

Egg turning
It aims at changing the location of the embryo,prevent accretion,promote amnion moving .When artificial hatching,turning eggs every 2 hours,the angle is 45 degree bend forward and backward.When the hatching time reaches 18 days shift eggs in hatcher and stop turning eggs

Airing eggs
It means an operational program that when the eggs hatched to a certain time,turn off electric heating,even open the door of hatcher ,let the temperature of egg decline.It aims at disperse the waste heat in the hatcher,let empryo gets much fresh air.Commonly,airing egg and lighting egg are conducted at the same time.If the hatching condition is at suited scope,you need not airing eggs

Lighting eggs
It aims to observe if the embryonic development is normal.If abnormal,please adjust the hatching condition in time.Commonly,product lighting eggs 3 times.The first time,when hatching 5-6days,pick out the aspermia eggs and sperm dead eggs.The second time,at about 11th day,major in picking out the embryo dead eggs,avoid cracking when hatching.The third time is at moving the plate,testing eggs when placing order,remove the embryonic eggs of the ater period

Placing order
The process that shifting eggs from egg tray to chick plate is called placing order.Commonly,chicken embryos are placing ordered at18~19days old,Please handle gently,better to put flat wise on single deck. Other poultry are the same that placing order at 3 days before hatching over

Chick out
The peak time of chick out is at the 20 days and 10 hours.When 1/3 of the chicks are out ,use 20ml formalin solution and add 40ml warm water,place in bottom of chick out equipment.Let it give out naturally and disinfect the chickWhen the chicks are all out and 95% of their luff is dry,be quick to move out the chicks


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