How to milling chicken feed yourself - Shared by our customer Mr Efosa
You need to do your own market Survey on your own area. When I Mill from basic ingredients like lysine and methionine, given maize at 136 ans soya at 145, it would be around 3000 per bag after you Account for wages and diesel. It is impossible to Account for all costs e.g. depreciation of Feed Mill machines repairs and irregular Parts such as Fan belts and bearing 
Recently, after a long frustrating spell of sub-optimal results with basic Mill, and hours or more of talking, I decided to return to Concentrate. The numbers are not as good, yielding around 3150, but you will have much better Feed. Only the most experienced and disciplined Operator can consistently deliver results with basic raw materials. Training helps too. If you don't have great manning and you cannot guarantee it, use Concentrate.

If you have more than 10000 Birds or consume more than 50bags a day you should buy feeds on Wholesale e.g. 600bags at once. You should get a minimum of 7.5% discount. If you have more than 20000 Birds or consume 100bags a day you should definitely Mill yourself as the saving on retail rates would be More than 10%. 
I was told this the very first month I stated farming and it's true. However the route to realising this savings is fraught with obstacles, manstacles and supplystacles. If all others areas of your farm are stable and optimal,  and you have the managerial time, I would say go for it. Keep good records have sound Inspection. Invest on the right capacity of mixer (sized such that you fill to 75% capacity every time)  and of course assure power.  I would advise that you start with concentrate and grow from there.
I have nor uses concentrate this year. Just last week i placed an order for a batch and delivery is for early next week. I will deplete my basic raw materials stock and transistion to concenrate next week. Its a lit easier. Contol points are fewer. You are dilutinh 300kg or 400kg to a ton. Which os 20 times easier than when you start from 150grams
We have used all the major feeds and concentrates. Animal care, Amo, Livestock, UAC. This order is with Premier.

When you Mill with basic ingredients you mix 12 constituents together. Broadly they are two types small scale additives and lager scale protein and energy source. 

Energy source maize 50%
Protein soya 25%
Fibre wheat_O or PKC 20%
Rest addictives, minerals, Amino acids premix is 5%

You start by mixing the smallet items, scaling with micro scale to build up the bulk of supplements. 
Premix 2.5kg; 
methionine 2kg 
Lysine 1kg Salt 2kg 
Toxin binder 0.5kg 
Enzyme 150grm 
Larcacide 500grm                        
These smaller constituents are most difficult to mix and your results are 80% dependent on them. In big Mills they have special mixer in farms we do it manually painstakingly-  and herein lies the wahala. If you take them and pour then into the mixer with nearly a ton of soya ans maize; they would get lost some Birds would be poisoned others under nourished. Believe it or not, that is what would happen if you DONT design your process to avoid it.
Somebody offered a course here for milling. Would be great idea. What I try to enforce is to make my "concentrates" separately and Store. If you want to do it when you are already crushing maize it never works.

What is feed mill?

Feed mill:

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