Important advice on rearing brooder/pullets/baby egg laying chicken

Brooder will be the baby chicks first home. The size and dimension of the brooder will depend on the number of chicken you have. The minimum required space per chick is 2.5 square feet. The bottom of the brooder should have a layer of clean litter (pine shaving or similar). When the chick is around one month old, you should add a low roost of about 4’’ of the floor of the brooder to encourage the chickens to start roosting


To maintain the temperature, you have to provide a heat source. The proper distribution of space and the location of heat source for the models of baby chicken cage we provide, the chicks will not be overheated and a proper distribution of heat will be ensured

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Chicken Feed
The design and layout of the baby chicks cage should but such as, the chocks are always having access to feed all the times that will come with medicated and unmediated varieties. Unhealthy and unhygienic feed access along with spaces that are not dry, clean and enough for chicks to move freely can harm the health of your chicks. So a proper caging system with proper space allocation and feeding system is a must for the raising of the baby chickens

Enough feed of water on a daily basis is a must for healthy baby chicks breading. Make sure you always maintain a supply of clean, fresh drinking water for your chicks. Also, the placement of the water pot should be also in a place far from the heater. Fill the water pot with marbles and pebbles so that baby chicks don’t get drowned or soaked if they accidentally fall in.
In the baby chicken cages we provide, the water pots for chicks are kept in a perfect distance with proper alignment and distribution of water that would ensure equal supply of drinking water to the chicks

Play Time
Enough space should be allowed for each of the chicks dos that they can get enough play space and play time. Also, a balanced distribution of space and food can ensure the prevention of various diseases that can spread via air or water,
Whenever you have a look on the design and orientation of the baby chicken cages of us, you will find that, the design is made in such a ways that will provide equal amount of space and air to each of the chicks you breed inside it.

Dirt and Housekeeping
Proper distribution of manure collection will ensure healthy maintenance of chocks and chickens. Some chickens will get start on talking dirt baths. A tray of sand will be embedded on the chicken cage that will ensure proper removal of dirt and chicken manure and thus a healthy environment will be ensured for your poultry business.

Above all the design and orientation of the baby chicken cage are aimed at the breeding of chickens like 1-3 weeks with proper care and balanced spacing. The conditional growth of chickens and chicks are not obviously the same. So the structure, the availability of food and water and the network encryption is designed in a friendly way to the chicks. A proper placement of feed pots and water pots, proper placement of light and temperature source and balanced distribution of space per chicken is maintained properly.


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