Latest design of baby chick battery is applied to advanced electrostatic spraying technology
Baby chick battery cage
Baby chick battery is applied to advanced electrostatic spraying technology, which prevent baby chicken from injury by the cage wire. The metal process of electrostatic spraying process can save human and also reduce labor payments. So, our company baby chick battery cages have a long lasting service in poultry farming cage system
Housing systems in poultry farming should let poultry access to a free range area where they can find a wider range of feed stuff, including green forages, insects and worms and are able to express their natural social behavior. Poultry on organic farms were kept in small flocks and housing systems with very low stocking densities
Battery cages are typically constructed using materials like galvanized steel. The cages are designed with precision, providing limited space for each bird to stand, move, or stretch their wings. They often lack amenities like perches or nesting areas found in alternative systems automated systems for feeding, watering, and egg collection are commonly integrated into battery cage setups


1. The mesh is smooth to prevent infection of the injured feet to chickens
2. The net and bottom net are densified, which can effectively prevent feather pecking and anus pecking and layer fatigue syndrome
3. Galvanized mesh, improving service life of about 15 years
4. High density breeding saves land, which is conducive to epidemic prevention and reduces the incidence of poultry disease
5. The unique gate reinforcement design can effectively prevent the chicken from shaking its head up and down to waste feed
6. It can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the farm, and the automatic drinking water system can be added

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Advantages of baby chick battery cages
1. Battery cages are designed to collect eggs promptly and efficiently, reducing the chances of damage or contamination. This consistency in egg quality can be seen as an advantage for consumers who prioritize uniformity
2. The controlled environment of battery cages can help limit contact between hens and their waste, which may contribute to better disease control compared to some alternative systems where hens have more access to their droppings
3. The automation of feeding, watering, and egg collection in battery cage systems can lead to labor cost savings, making egg production more economically viable for some farmers
4. Battery cages are designed for high egg production rates, contributing to a consistent supply of affordable eggs
5. These systems maximize space efficiency, enabling farms to produce a large quantity of eggs in a relatively small area
6. Battery cage eggs are often less expensive due to the efficient use of resources and automation

Our services
1. We offer expert guidance on starting and managing your poultry farm
2. Tailored housing and infrastructure design for optimal bird health
3. Our team makes customized feeding plans to maximize production efficiency
4. We offer veterinary services and disease prevention strategies
5. Insights into market trends and strategies for product placement
6. We provide educational workshops on poultry farming practices

Frequently ask questions
Q: Are battery cages cruel to the birds?
A: Battery cages are often criticized for restricting the natural behaviors of hens, leading to concerns about animal welfare and cruelty. Critics argue that the limited space and lack of amenities in these cages cause stress and discomfort to the birds
Q: Are battery cage eggs safe to eat?
A: Battery cage eggs can be safe to eat if proper hygiene and food safety practices are followed during production and handling. However, some consumers choose to avoid them due to ethical or animal welfare reasons
Q: Are battery cages being phased out?
A: In many countries, there is a growing trend toward phasing out battery cages in favor of alternative housing systems that provide more space and better living conditions for hens


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