Our company engages in providing different types of equipment for chicken cage system for poultry equipment users
Poultry farming equipment battery cage system
Our company engages in providing different types of equipment for chicken cage system for poultry equipment users. Poultry chicken cage system is designed for farming work in poultry factory at a large number of chickens. Using hot-dip galvanized technology which is strong and durable, and the life of the chicken cages can be as long as 20 years. Our company cage mesh of poultry farming equipment has strict quality control and has achieved good results in improving breeding efficiency, reducing labor costs, and improving work efficiency
Poultry farming is a vital sector in the global agricultural industry, providing a consistent source of eggs and meat for human consumption. To optimize production and ensure the welfare of birds, modern poultry farms often employ sophisticated equipment and housing systems. One such system that has revolutionized the industry is the battery cage system
The battery cage system is a highly efficient and organized housing arrangement for poultry, primarily used for egg-laying hens. This system is designed to maximize space utilization and ensure the well being of the birds. In a battery cage setup, birds are housed in individual cages, allowing precise control over their environment, feed intake, and egg collection


1. Individual cages
Each cage typically accommodates one to five birds, depending on the specific design and regulations. These cages are made of galvanized steel wire mesh, providing durability and easy cleaning
2. Feeding system
Automated feeders are integrated into the system, ensuring a consistent supply of feed to the birds. This promotes healthy growth and efficient egg production
3. Drinking system
Nipple drinkers or automatic watering systems are used to provide clean and easily accessible water to the birds
4. Egg collection system
Eggs are collected through a specially designed conveyor or collection trays, reducing the risk of damage or contamination

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1. The vertical stacking of cages optimizes space usage, making it ideal for large-scale poultry farms
2. Individual cages reduce the spread of diseases among birds compared to traditional open floor systems
3. Precise control of feed delivery ensures birds receive the right amount of nutrition
4. Eggs are laid on sloped wire floors, preventing contact with manure and minimizing breakage
5. Waste collection systems efficiently remove manure, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment

1. Individual cages provide better control over egg production and reduce the chances of egg theft or cannibalism among birds
2. Vertical stacking allows farms to maximize space, making it suitable for intensive poultry production
3. Improved disease control and a clean environment contribute to lower bird mortality rates
4. Automated feeding systems minimize feed wastage, resulting in cost savings
5. Individual cages make it easier to monitor and manage each bird's health and performance
6. Higher egg production and lower operating costs lead to improved farm profitability
7. Reduced stress, better disease control, and clean living conditions result in healthier birds
8. Eggs collected from individual cages are less likely to be damaged or soiled, ensuring consistent product quality
9. Automated systems reduce the labor required for feeding, watering, and egg collection
10. Efficient resource use and waste management contribute to a smaller ecological footprint

Our services
1. Our team of experienced poultry farming experts provides professional consultation services to guide farmers in choosing the right battery cage system based on their farm's needs and capacity
2. We offer customized cage solutions tailored to individual farm requirements, ensuring optimal space utilization and animal welfare
3. Our skilled technicians provide on-site installation support, ensuring the proper assembly and functioning of the battery chicken layer cage system
4. We offer comprehensive training and educational programs for farmers and farm workers on cage management and poultry care to ensure successful cage operations
5. Our services extend beyond installation, as we provide ongoing maintenance and technical support to ensure the continued efficiency of the cage system
6. We conduct farm evaluations to assess the suitability of the battery chicken layer cage system for a particular poultry farm, providing valuable insights and recommendations for optimal productivity

Frequently ask questions
Q: Is the battery cage system humane for poultry?
A: The humane treatment of poultry is a significant concern. Many countries have regulations governing cage sizes and conditions to ensure birds have adequate space and access to essentials like food, water, and clean living conditions. Compliance with these regulations and humane practices is essential
Q: How often should the cages be cleaned?
A: Cages should be cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy environment. The frequency depends on factors like bird density and climate but typically ranges from daily to weekly cleaning cycles
Q: Can the battery cage system be used for broiler chickens?
A: Battery cage systems are primarily designed for egg-laying hens. Broiler chickens, which are raised for meat production, are typically housed in different systems like broiler houses with open floor designs to accommodate their rapid growth and movement


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