Some quick key facts about poultry business in Nigeria
Some quick Key Facts About Poultry Business in Nigeria

Poultry business is a very lucrative business anyone can retire into..Under a very good management, 

It can be capital and labour intensive, though medium scale and small scale farming can be a beginning. 

1) Diseases can pose a serious problem because birds are sensitive to diseases.
2) Faeces and effluent disposal can be a problem to environment and the birds if not well managed
3) Feeds, feeding and water are very important and an inadequate supply of any of these can have detrimental effects on the birds and subsequent production..
4) Livestock consultants should be patronized before setting up to avoid failure. A lot of peole have got there fingers burnt in this process
5) Birds perform well under good housing management and structure.

The level of profit is determined by the number of birds stocked, duration and the type of product(s) gotten from them e.g. layers will bring more profit on a long run compared to broilers which have a faster turnover rate because of the shorter production cycle.
Part of the sector are long-termed and some are short-termed e.g. broiler production is short-termed (2 months) while layer, quail etc. are long-termed (6 months and above).
Market survey should be done before starting so as to determine level of production.
It is advised to start small and to have adequate information cum training before setting out.Global needs Agro Konsult provides personalised training for would be farmers. Never dabble into what you have no knowledge about. 

If you are a farmer and need some other service such as order chicks, broilers and layers, poultry house design, pen building, poultry equipment and battery cage, veterinary medicine, egg tray, egg selling, Farm knowledge training and so on, we could link it for you as we now have many customers source and different customers are different business.

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