Standard size of battery cage system centralized management is conducive to epidemic prevention and treatment
Battery cage system
Battery cage system is small metal enclosures that are typically designed for a house of multiple hens, primarily for egg production. This battery cage system is designed with precision, providing limited space for each bird to stand, move, or stretch their wings. They are also made of metal and are arranged in rows, often stacked on top of each other in commercial poultry facilities and each battery cage system confines several chickens in very close proximity with one another
The battery cages a sloped floor that allows eggs to roll to the front of the battery cage, where they can be easily collected by the farmer and out of the hens' reach. It also provides the same amount of space and resources to each bird, creating a standardized environment that can help maintain consistent conditions and production rate
There are battery cage system for the day old to adult birds that is from brooding to point of lay without good knowledge of cages and its specification comparing it with the pen dimension which will determine the capacity of birds a pen can accommodate. This cage system is designed for ease of management, controlled environment and automated systems which makes it simpler for farmers to monitor and care for the hens, as well as to collect eggs efficiently 

Features of battery cage system
1. Battery cage system enables the birds to feed evenly
2. They are made of stable equipments
3. It also guarantees sufficient and well distributed feed for each tier
4. Battery cage system also keeps hen from disease and predators
5. The battery cages are easy to clean and disinfected

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Advantages of battery cage system
1. Centralized management is conducive to epidemic prevention and treatment: There are feeding troughs, nipple drinkers, and trays on the battery cage for easy feeding, watering, and egg collection
2. It saves feed: chickens raised in battery cage system are less affected by cold wind and low temperature, which reduces the heat energy consumption of the chickens and can also reduce the heat consumption of the chickens
3. Balanced egg production, more egg production, and greater income
4. Battery cage system increase the stocking density

Our services
1. Our battery cage system comes with all the necessary accessories required
2. We also offer expert guidance on starting and managing your poultry farm
3. Our skilled technicians provide on-site installation support, ensuring the proper assembly and functioning of the chicken layer cage system
4. We offer comprehensive training and educational programs for farmers and farm workers on cage management and poultry care to ensure successful cage operations
5. Our services extend beyond installation, as we provide ongoing maintenance and technical support to ensure the continued efficiency of the cage system
6. We provide educational workshops on poultry farming practices

Frequently ask questions 
Q: Are battery cage system suitable for organic egg production?
A: Battery cage system are not typically used in organic egg production, as organic standards often require free-range or cage-free systems
Q: Can chickens in battery cage system exercise and move around freely?
A: While battery cage system do restrict movement compared to free-range systems, they provide enough space for chickens to stand, turn around, and access food and water
Q: How often should the manure is cleaned from the battery cage system?
A: Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a hygienic environment


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