Structure of 3 tiers of chicken cage

Chicken cage Fittings

1.Cage mesh: top mesh, back mesh, bottom mesh, partition mesh and door. All cage mesh will be fixed by clips.

2.Cage frame: made of angle bar, then full galvanization, together with cage hunger, screws and bolts to support cage mesh.

3.Automatic drinking system: water pipe, nipple drinkers, water tanks and other fittings.

4.Feeding trough: plastic material, people will add and mix feed inside, white or green color normally.


Chicken cage Structure

3 tiers of cage

1) 96 birds/set

4 cells/cage basket

4 birds/cell

2m by 1.9m by 1.6m


2) 120 birds/set

5 cells/cage basket

4 birds/cell

2.2m by 2,4m by 1.65m

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