The over all trend cost of poultry cage in nigeria
Basic information
The poultry cage makes poultry farming easy and labor free for the poultry farmers, poultry cage  has the same quality and functionality and has lower price producing chicken farming equipment, which can customer’s need. Ever since the production of poultry cage there has been a change in the poultry farming business because of the benefits of the poultry cage in the poultry farm 
Among others, it has increased the level of eggs and meat production because the use of poultry cage helps to curb various challenges facing and deteriorating the well-being of birds. It has helped to boost our economic system and equally helps to meet the need of our customers. The poultry cage has a nipple drinking systems included in the cages these allow the chickens to get water by pecking at a nipple
In order to actualize the aim of keeping both broilers and layers especially for commercial purpose, there is need for galvanized poultry cage in poultry farming because the importance of poultry cage in poultry farms cannot be undermined as it enhances high and quality production of eggs and healthy broilers for meat among other importance

The overall trend cost of poultry cage in Nigeria

The following are list of prices of poultry cage in Nigeria
1. Quality imported battery cage is #128,000
2. Poultry automatic battery cage is #67,000
3. Full imported galvanized poultry cage is #120,000
4. Battery poultry cage for layers is #60,000
5. A frame battery cage for layers is #95,000

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Product description

The poultry cage is in housing chickens that are raised for meat consumption or laying of egg and this type of chicken’s are called the broilers or the layers. The poultry cage is currently produced and goes through a hot-dip galvanizing process which is commonly used to make chickens play a better role in these aspects feeding process  
The poultry cage has lower level for concrete structure and the upper level for steel structure. So the chicken manure can fall into the bottom of the ground directly, no chicken manure pollution 
The reason is that the design of the poultry cage is that it provides a comfortable environment for the chicken. It uses automatic drinking system, automatic feeding system and temperature control system to ensure the healthy growth of the birds


1. It makes large number of breeding possible which saves time, labor and space
2. Poultry battery cage controls the temperature and humidity together. It offers chickens a stable living environment. As the battery cage systems are cleaner, there would be less containment both on chickens and eggs. Hence, the eggshell is clean, with a high egg production rate
3. It reduces feed wastage.  As the birds in the battery cage system seldom move and consume less. The need for the feed is less accordingly, with the trough placed out of the cage
4. It is very easy to operate
5. It has an increased hygiene which results in a lower spread of diseases


1. It saves more cost because of its much lowered investment 
2. .it saves more space and raises a greater number of chickens reared per unit. It helps in identifying poor producers and prompt culling
3. It is easy to deliver and install in a client’s farm 
4. It is designed as poultry house, it can help in production of clean eggs because the egg conveyor system can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room, Feed efficiency and egg weight are better in caged chickens
5. It has control over parasitic disease and worm infestation because the caged birds can make better epidemic prevention
6. Poultry cage method of housing is very useful for the area of moderated climate conditions where the day temperature in summer is not high or fall too low

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Frequently ask questions

Q: What are the main benefits of using poultry cage in my poultry?
A: Firstly, it saves the cost of labor, it has a high tendency of egg production, it does not give room to carry out the act of cannibalism and lastly it provides proper ventilation for the chickens
Q: Does the poultry cage require much labor?
A: No, it does not require much labor
Q: What are the precautionary measures to put in place in poultry cage?
A: The precautionary measure you can carry out in poultry cage is to ensure that the chickens do not come in contact with their manure and there should be no spillage of feed all over the cage in other not to draw the attention of other pests or insects such as ants, rats and cockroach


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