The poultry cage dimension for broilers
Basic information 
The poultry cage is manufactured using strong raw materials and advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services. The component of a poultry cage makes rearing of poultry birds easier and with less stress. It enables large number of poultry birds to be reared at the same time
Poultry cage has a nipple drinking systems included in the cages these allow the chickens to get water by pecking at a nipple. A trough runs along the length of the poultry broiler chicken cage which makes feeding the hens very easy and convenient
A feeding trough is located on the other side of the poultry cage and feed is generally always available to the chickens. They must push their heads and necks through the wire mesh. The poultry house is equipped with cage structure system, which is made of durable and long lasting materials

The poultry cage dimensions for broilers

Poultry cages are made affordable for poultry farmers in our company in Nigeria so as to increase the efficiency of poultry farming. Poultry cage reduces the death rate of the birds. It does restrict the movement of the birds. The birds are not exposed to dangers and it keeps them healthy. To reduce inefficiency in poultry farming, inputs should be reduced by the proportion of input slacks evaluated and farmers should strive to operate in closed systems of layers and broiler production and update their knowledge and skills with the latest production and management techniques for improved efficiency and low-cost production. Dimension, the L is 1.05m, W is 2.02m, H is 1.07m and it has 3 rows, 4 tiers

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Product description

With automatic drinking system, there is no need to worry about the health problems of chicken drinking water. With automatic feeding systems, evenly deliver feed to each chicken, the poultry cage works with egg collection, manure removal system and feeding equipment. The poultry cage has a stable and durable structure 
It has an automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, pick up eggs, centralized management and an automatic control system, which ensures the energy conservation in the poultry farm. The broiler house is equipped with automatic poultry cage structure system which is made by 275gsm steel sheets with good corrosion resistance which keeps a long service life 
Poultry cage is used in poultries in performing daily poultry task with the ability to produce the desired result when raising broiler chicken. Broiler raising has been one of the most lucrative business in poultry farm production because, it is reared for the purpose of meat consumption 


1. The poultry cage is able to meet current bird space standard. It has a modular belt cage system that offers easy shipping, improved egg roll-out and simplicity
2. It has a sturdy construction, composite mesh floor and metal door latch
3. Other requirements include proper ventilation, solid rod floor support with tighter floor mesh spacing
4. Nipple drinkers are installed at an easy-to-reach height that enables the birds to consume water in an ideal and healthy manner
5. The feeding trough is made from a premium material that prevents rust and therefore lasts longer. They are remarkably lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and makes feeding very efficient


1. It reduces the cost of labour
2. It has a full automatic feeding and watering system
3. The poultry broiler cages system has a reasonable design of meshes which makes more room for the circulation of air and reduces the spread of diseases
4. It is easy to operate and maintain
5. It has a unique environmental control system that ensures the house has fresh air
6. It has multiple choices for your cage tier
7. It reduces cannibalism among the birds 
8. It creates a comfortable environment for the birds

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Frequently ask questions

Q: What are the types of poultry houses?
A: Broadly, poultry housing systems are classified into three system which is free range or extensive system, semi-intensive system and intensive system 
Q: How does poultry cage work?
A: The chickens are kept in cages without movement, water, feed troughs, or spawning boxes. Eggs can automatically roll out of the cage, making it easy to pick eggs. Therefore, it saves time for manure removal and other management. Generally, the elderly and women can raise them easily, and the labor efficiency is high
Q: What is the importance of proper poultry cages arrangement?
A: Good thermo-regulation is an adequate density will avoid high temperatures in the birds that generate stress and affect egg production. Access to water and food, if the number of birds per the poultry cage system is ideal, they will be able to freely consume water and food, which is essential for optimal posture


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