The types fairly used poultry cage for sale in Nigeria
Basic information
Poultry cages have a stable and durable structure. It has an automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, pick up eggs, centralized management and an automatic control system, which ensures the energy conservation in the poultry farm
Makes use of large fans and vertical ventilation technology, welfare and healthy farming technology from strong materials such as metal, solid wood, heavy-duty plastics and many more, according to the current nutritional needs and living needs in different countries, the market has continuously put forward new requirements for the development of the corresponding livestock and poultry breeding technology and its supporting building facilities
Poultry cages are used in poultries in performing daily poultry task with the ability to produce the desired result. These poultry cages are made based on the industrialization and intensification of the chicken industry, automatic poultry cage equipment and related environmental control technologies have achieved some achievements, such as nipple drinking water technology, automatic feeding technology, cooling technology and livestock

The types of fairly used poultry cage for sale in Nigeria

The fairly used poultry cages are cages that have been used and later then sold out. The following are popular types of fairly used battery cage
1. Quality imported battery cage  
2. Poultry automatic battery cage
3. Full imported galvanized poultry cage 
4. Battery poultry cage for layers 
5. A frame battery cage for layers 

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1. Automatic poultry cage system
2. Poultry farm equipment

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Product description 

The poultry cage has some components which help to perform specific duties with little or no stress such as an automatic feeding hopper which helps take chicken feed from a central hopper or a bin out to feed the birds continuously all day 
The products are manufactured using strong raw materials and advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services. The component of a battery cage makes rearing of poultry birds easier and with less stress. The battery cage enables large number of birds to be reared at the same time
The automatic egg collector’s conveyor belt takes the eggs to the header, the flexible fingers carefully place the eggs on a cross conveyor, which then take the eggs to the classifier room and this helps to reduce broken eggs

1. It guarantees sufficient and well distributed feed for each tier
2. Reasonable slope reduces the amount of broken eggs
3. An automatic battery cage is easy to control for poultry feeding, and it greatly improves the production efficiency
4. It enables the birds to feed evenly
5. They are made of stable equipments
6. It has anti-corrosion
7. The automatic manure remover removes manure is thereby reducing harmful gases

1. It makes large number of breeding possible which saves time, labour, and space
2. Automatic poultry cage control the temperature and humidity together. It offers chickens a stable living environment. As the chicken cages are cleaner, there would be less containment both on chickens and eggs. Hence, the eggshell is clean, with a high egg production rate
3. It reduces feed wastage.  As the birds in poultry cages seldom move and consume less. The need for the feed is less accordingly, with the trough placed out of the cage
4. Managing the birds together in the same place is more efficient. It takes less energy in recording the activity, production, and restricted animal feed. And, it is easier to capture birds in cages and treat diseased birds
5. It also reduces the maintenance cost
6. It is very easy to operate
7. It has an increased hygiene which results in a lower spread of diseases

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Frequently ask questions
Q: Is poultry cage really needed in a poultry farm?
A: Yes, because It has an automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, pick up eggs, centralized management and an automatic control system, which ensures the energy conservation and that makes it really efficient in a poultry farm
Q: What production system is best for chickens?
A: Poultry cage system is the most efficient, eggs from these systems are cheaper than non-cage and grain consumption per egg produced is lowest in cage systems
Q: How does the automatic manure cleaning system work with the poultry cage?
A: The automatic manure cleaning system works with the poultry cage to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the birds


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