Vanke's battery cage for sale
Basic information
Battery cage for sale used in a poultry farm is usually for the purpose of concentrating on laying hens and increasing egg manufacture to poultry farmers. Battery cage system is one of the professional battery cage system manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. battery cage system is made of quality mild steel and the surface is heavy-duty galvanized or galan coated, strong and durable, the service life is up to 30 years, whether you own a medium or large chicken farm or even a small chicken house
Battery cage for sale is basically centered on production of eggs and meat has its efficiency in the kind of housing system in which the birds are being kept. For instance, broilers are basically reared for meat consumption while layers are reared for egg production
Now to actualize the aim of keeping both broiler and layer especially for commercial purpose is to give you the optimum outcome of production in terms of meat and egg and to achieved this to the utmost, there is need of battery cage system in poultry production because the importance of battery cage in poultry production cannot be undermined as it aids high and quality production of eggs and healthy broilers for meat among other importance

Vanke’s battery cage for sale 

Our company’s battery cage for sale, it is designed to house laying hens, meaning female chickens that produce eggs. After being born in hatcheries, which undergoing the process of maturity (which usually takes about 18 weeks), hens are sent to the battery cages system where they will spend the remainder of their lives, which specifically last for about two years Our battery cages are made of long lasting and durable materials which are made to meet the customer’s demands

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Product description
They reduce disease spread among hens, and they are, restrict movement prevent many natural behaviors, and increase rates of disease spread. The number of bird kept in battery cage system, determine on the size of the cage. While the space per bird is more limited enforced the size of the cage itself is less.  Battery cage system can increase from the size of a bathtub to the size of a desk drawer. Usually each one contains between four and ten birds. Battery cage system is designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage
Battery cage is housing system used for various animal production methods, but basically for layer. Although the term is usually applied to poultry production, similar battery cage systems are used for other animals 

1. Galvanized steel
2. Full automatic drinking system
3. Adjustable foot plates for leveling
4. Nipple drinker
5. Silo
6. Feeding grooves
7. Medication tank

1. Easy maintenance and operation
2. Hot galvanized, anti-corrosive, long durability
3. Cost efficient in feeding, drinking and save labor
4. Full automatic drinking system with water tanks
5. Automated controlled system
6. High stock density, floor saving & cost efficient

1. Battery cages system with higher automation can save the land resources, energy, and labor cost, and feed and reducing the cost of drug use. So, the battery cages system can increase the yield by 40%
2. Battery cages system in poultry production can have high density breeding and saving land, is about 50% more than that of free range
3. Battery cage system saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of avian diseases, unique cage door design, and effectively prevents the head and head of the chicken from moving up and down to waste fodder
4. Battery cage system in poultry production contains frame stacked battery cages system, which can be designed in the standard size or according to the customer’s requirements

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Frequently ask questions 
Q: Why is cleaning necessary in battery cage system? 
A: Cleaning is very necessary in battery cage system because it helps and prevents the cage form rusting or getting damage on time
Q: Why is battery cage system suitable for chickens?
A: Battery cage system is highly suitable for chickens because it mainly used for layer hens 
Q: How does battery cage system reduce labour for poultry farmers?
A: Battery cage system  reduce labor for farmers in a way that the chickens are well organized and conducted to be in rows with several facilities for their feeding and maintenance


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