What is a full automatic chicken cage
A full automatic chicken cage including chicken cage, auto feeding system, auto egg collection, auto manure removal, like the picture showing:

1)automatic feeding hopper

chicken food will add in feeding hopper by workers or by automatic conveying pipe or by feed silo, hoppers with its frame will go and come back from beginning of chicken cage to the end under electricity, normally one row of chicken cage, one system of automatic feeding hopper system.

2)automatic egg collection

Egg belt on bottom mesh of chicken cage accept eggs and rotate simultaneously to the egg collector machine with working table in the ending of every row of chicken cage, workers pick eggs up to egg tray, the other way to collect all eggs from working table is that cross conveyor connects all egg collector ending to transfer eggs directly to egg stock house, full automaticly, no labor. 

3)auto manure removal belt

Motor, belt, belt frame, belts, crew, chain. belts under every floor of cage take chicken dung to row end and dropping on horizontal dung transportation system

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