What is the difference between deep litter and battery cage system
Basic information
Battery cage system has generated controversy between advocates for animal welfare and industrial producers. This method is adopted so that a large quantity of hens could be accommodated in a very limited space so as to reduce the cost and to gain the same level of output, that is, production of eggs. The battery cage system method of poultry farming has been in the limelight since the discovery of such practice for the egg laying birds. Farming is a wider term used for various different kinds of farming methods collectively
Farming is not restricted to the growing of crops only, but even the raising of cows, goat and domestic birds like chicken, ducks, and turkeys and so on. Our focus will be chickens that are raised in battery cage systems especially on deep litter and battery cage system. A battery cage system is a housing system used for chicken production methods. Although the term is usually applied to poultry farming, similar cage systems are used for other animals

Since the rapid development of modern husbandry industry, battery cage system has been used by chicken farmers all over the world. This kind of battery cage system in poultry industry is very suitable for feeding chickens like layers, baby chickens and breeder chickens in large quantities. The battery cage system, specializes in producing a whole set of chicken equipment and supporting facilities in poultry farming. Because of the thorough knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, we have been able to provide the customers with a wide array of battery cage systems

Differences between deep litter and battery cage system
1. In deep litter system the birds are reared on the floor while in battery cage system the birds are reared in cages
2. The deep litter system requires large amount of land spaces but in battery cage system it is not so
3. The deep litter system requires more labor while the battery cage system does not
4. The deep litter system is not automatic while the battery cage system is fully automatic
5. Under deep litter system diseases spreads more faster but with battery cage system it is not so because the birds do not come in contact with their feaces

6. Under deep litter system it is not easy to keep records of the birds but with battery cage system it is easier because the birds do not roam about

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Product description

Deep litter system of rearing birds is system where the birds are reared on the floor not in cages. An initial layer of litter is spread for the animals to use for bedding material and to defecate in, and as the litter is soiled, new layers of litter are continuously added by the farmer while the battery cage system as the name implies works with little or no human efforts, as its works automatically with what it’s being instructed to do 
It comes with all necessary accessories like the feeder, drinker, conveyor belt and the other conveyor that gathers the eggs. Battery cage system makes chicken rearing easy for all farmers
They make use of large fans and vertical ventilation technology, welfare and healthy farming technology from strong materials such as metal, solid wood, heavy-duty plastics and many more. 

According to the current nutritional needs and living needs in different countries, the market has continuously put forward new requirements for the development of the corresponding livestock and poultry breeding technologies and it’s supporting building facilities

1. They are made of stable equipments
2. It has anti-corrosion
3. The rate of disease spread is low
4. It has high durability installation 
5.  It is easy to clean and install 
6. It is non-toxic and hot galvanized
7. There is fully automatic drinking and feeding system

8. It has quality cage fittings

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Frequently ask questions
Q: What number of birds can be placed in a battery cage system?
A: The number of birds placed in a battery cage system depends on the size of the cage
Q: Is the battery cage system really effective for layers?
A: Yes, it is really effective for layers because it helps in reducing disease transmission creates a stable environment for the birds which help them produce more eggs
Q: At what age can the birds be placed in a battery cage system?
A: The birds can be placed in a battery cage from 12 weeks or 16 weeks


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