What is the most important of 5 NETWORKING STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN FARMING except chicken cage and poultry equipment
No business can make any lasting impact in generating wealth without concerted networking efforts. No one can succeed alone. There is a need for constant positive interactions at different angles to facilitate a lasting success in farming
I will discuss briefly 5 of them below from my customers ‘ reply who ordered our chicken cage and poultry equipment.
1. Networking with the immediate family: the farmer who is fortunate enough in attracting support from his or her immediate family will do better in farming business. I know many successful farmers in Nigeria who are benefiting a lot from their immediate family support. They will have family meeting on feed, chicken, chicken cage, poultry equipment and security to get out full plan.
2. Networking with relevant experts. There are some experts that farmers cannot do without. A few of them are Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Accountants and Animal Scientists. A wise farmer will consciously build a network of experts around himself all the time. He will give advice mainly on how to avoid disease and how to choose poultry equipment or chicken cage
3. Networking with the key suppliers of inputs. Feed and drug and drug inputs are very important for the success of farming. A serious farmer will carefully associate with providers of quality inputs and ensure good deals and relationships for success. Such as save feed and increasing egg collection
4. Networking with fellow progressive farmers. Iron sharpens iron. The success minded farmers will ceaselessly mingle with sharp and upward moving farmers. He that walks with the wise will be wise, they could share more experience to increasing farm benefits and reduce risk.

5. Networking with the relevant government and financial institutions. Whether we like it or not, the government angle cannot be pushed aside for success in farming. Frustrations from the government can cripple any farmer. A farmer should also develop solid relationship with his bankers for maximum funtionings

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