Why are chicken housed in battery cage system
Basic information
Chicken battery cage system is used for different types of poultry farming methods. Chicken battery cage systems are a housing system used for various animal production methods, but mainly for egg-laying hens. This method is adopted so that a large number of birds can be accommodated in a very small space so as to reduce the cost and to gain the same level of output, that is, production of eggs 
The chicken battery cage system is designed to house laying birds known as layers to lay eggs in cage, which is comfortable for farmers to raise their birds and collect eggs. The chicken battery cage system used in a poultry farm is usually chicken battery cage system for the purpose of laying birds and increasing egg production. Chicken battery cage system is one of the best poultry equipment that can help you afford the number of birds you want to purchase, the type of breeds you are rearing

All these put together will determine the demand of cage capacity you will get because chicken battery cage system comes in different types and capacity. Chicken battery cage system  is made up of quality mild steel and the surface is heavy-duty galvanized or Galan coated, strong and durable Whether you own a medium or large chicken cage it is a kind of poultry cage

Why chicken is housed in battery cage system
1. Chicken battery cage system helps keep birds   to move within a small space and allows very limited movement. This makes the chickens conserve their energy and hence enjoy an increase in production level
6. It is much easier to evacuate the waste in the chicken battery cage system. And when Faeces drop through to the floor or metal trays it much easy to clean regularly
7. In chicken battery cage it more it is easier to operate
8. In chicken battery cage system labour requirements are minimal
9.  In chicken battery cage eggs are collected with minimal disturbance to the chicken
2. It provides comfort and stability for the birds
3. In chicken battery cage system Feeds are less consumed and it avoids wastage
4. Records keeping of individual egg production and culling of poor layers are made easier
5. In chicken battery cage system a farmer can easily do a stock count of the chickens
6. In chicken battery cage system there is low incidence of disease

7. In chicken battery cage system high egg production rate is common

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Product description

Chicken battery cage system are  the most important form of housing for layers, poultry battery cage system reduce the rate of  disease among chicken but are bound, form movement to prevent them from many natural behaviors, and increase rates of disease. Chicken battery cage systems are very good for birds in poultry farms
The number of hens kept in chicken battery cage system can be change depending on the size of the chicken cage. Chicken battery Cage system can show from the standard of a container to the dimension of a desk drawer usually each one enclose between four and ten birds 
1. Medication tank
2. Adjustable foot plates for leveling
3. Feeding grooves
4. Nipple drinker

5. Silo

1. Cost efficient in feeding, drinking and save labor
2. Automated controlled system
3. The space and bottom mesh hole is thin to prevent hurt of chickens and raise the rate of laying eggs
4. High stock density, floor saving
5. Thicker wire of meshes to make the structure strong
6. Easy maintenance and operation
7. Hot galvanized, anti-corrosive, long durability
8. It is possible to adjust or control amount of feeds

9. Spill edge that reduces messes and waster & cost efficient

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Frequently ask questions
Q: Why is chicken battery cage system suitable for the rearing of chicken? 
A: Chicken battery cage system is suitable for the rearing of chicken because the chicken battery cage systems have a good quality and connecting fittings
Q: How do you maintain chicken battery cage system?
A: You can maintain chicken battery cage system by cleaning away the fees 
Q: what is one of the reason why chicken are housed in battery cage system
A: Chicken are housed in battery cage system because in chicken battery cage system the farmers can easily take stock of the chicken


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