Why do we need AUTOMATIC manure removal system for poultry farm


The question is, Why do we need AUTOMATIC manure removal system for poultry farm? We emphasize the word AUTOMATIC  here because virtually all average poultry farmers are still cleaning their chicken feces especially is the 15th century methods like using of broom, shovel, brush then apply water to scrub their poultry floor. There are much more to making our poultry clean and tidy and that is the very much reason why we have come up with this modern tool in poultry farming called AUTOMATIC MANURE REMOVAL MACHINE.

How does this machine works/what is its functions? Automatic manure removal is a machine designated for the removal of chicken excrement and for as many that are willing to run poultry farm or for as many that are already into the business, this machine can rescue you from the cost of almost thousands of Naira every year; this machine is also with hassle and unhygienic tasks.

We produces and supplies smart automated manure collection system and works on the installation into your poultry farm for better keeping of chickens according to the necessity and demand of your farm. We have automatic manure cleaning solutions for almost every possible size and shape of poultry. Have a look on the system specification and product features of the machine.

1.5-3kw motor and gearbox including drive pulley.
Turn around pulley and tension block.
6mm-8mm rope thickness.
Remote control (no electric cables attached)
Control panel for 1-3 lines of scrapers.
Working speed 6-10m/min.

Benefit over Manual Manure Removal process in Keeping Chicken

Now a days, farmers and poultry owners are looking for a maximum reduction of cost and effort and thus moving forward to automated system instead of manual processes. Thus, our Automatic chicken manure removal system can serve you in several forms to increase the product quantity, quality and to ensure a healthier environment and a perfect after-use of the collected chicken manure as well

Here are some basics advantages with Automatic chicken manure system :
It will create an ideal environment for the living of the birds inside the poultry farm with the complete and safe removal of manure that would pollute the environment inside your poultry.
You can reduce the cost and labor intensity, make good money by using the excrement as fertilizer, increase economic efficiency and effectively increase the egg and meat production of your poultry farm.
At the collection process of the manure, manures are collected in such an organized way that you can easily make maximum use of the chicken excrement.
Take a look at the pictures below showing different manure removal machines .

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