Ventilation - a big neglect in the poultry industry
Ventilation - a big neglect in the poultry industry

Proper air flow is very vital for optimal performance of our birds but most poulterers often see it as something to careless about. Some problems we have in our farms could be traced to Ventilation and they often arise when not looked into from the onset (brooding). 

Air is needed for the breakdown of ingested feed,elimination of ammonia gas and carbon monoxide from the pen/brooder, cool the body of the birds, remove dampness, helps in proper litter management and also reduce the risk of quick spread of diseases. 

When a pen/brooder house is poorly ventilated( fully sealed brooder house and pens with many coaches of block), it gives  room for little or no air to come in. oxygen is needed for food metabolism and when absent, food metabolism is slowed which can result to stunted growth. The already exhaled air is still reused by the birds which is detrimental to them. The moisture from the droppings and evaporation from waterers are also trapped thereby making the litter wet and the environment humid. Wet litter serves as a breeding ground for diseases like coccidiosis, salmonellosis etc. Ammonia gas from the litter is trapped too and  can lead to itching, watery eyes, ammonia burn, a disease called ammoniac kerato-conjuctivitis etc. All these making us spend more on drugs, having more mortalities, decreasing egg production and eventually increasing cost of production. Poor Ventilation can lead to heat stroke, ascites, even poor temperature regulation.

Farmers should give more attention to Ventilation during brooding just like the way we give attention to warmth provision. Older birds need proper Ventilation in all seasons. Remember a healthy bird is a Swiftie money.

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