What is structure of full automatic poultry equipment and layer chicken cage in poultry farm
The chicken cage frame is produced of galvanized sheet and sections of cages is produced of hot deep galvanized wire based Quality Certificate of ISO9001. Both cage frame and chicken cage mesh is galvanized surface cover and high standards to make it high corrosion resistance.
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Design of Chicken cage system

The cage leg is the most important structure, it affords the whole chicken and fittings of chicken cage in every 100cm lengthwise with adjustable bolts, the whole chicken cage system is designed strongly against earth movements.
Cage frame wall also meaning section side walls are made by galvanized wire and steel plate, both will be assembled together before shipment. Because of less movement of the section sides all equipment standard can be kept perfectly, installation workload reduced and more productive ventilation are ensured.

Automatic feeding system
The feed silo with feed elevator and silo weighting system connected all feeding system and working automatic, feeding trolley hopper also named feed cart are made by galvanized sheet and dyed sheet, it is automatic and move from the beginning to the end of chicken cage row.

Water system
The fittings are PVC square shape pipe, nipple drinkers in red color and plastic coated are fitted with pipes, they are packed by carton or plastic bags before shipment, water pressure regulators will control all water flowing and filters make the water clean and keep health of the chicken.

Manure removal system
The material is made in Italy and PP product, fitted under cage system of every tier, named horizontal manure conveyor, in the end of every rows there is vertical manure conveyor which will transfer all manure outside to chicken house and 5m long oblique belt system transfers all to truck at last.

Egg collection system
The working principle is similar with manure removal system, egg belt accept eggs and transfer to end of lift system which reach each tiers by moving up and down, then egg transverse conveyor transfer to egg stock room.

Control system of all poultry equipment
Our control cabinet is imported from Japan, it controls feeding, drinking, manure removal and egg collection, there are ventilation fans,cooling pads,side wall ventilation windows also controlled together automatic in some poultry farms.

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