What is the advantage of automatic feeding line in poultry farm

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More and more poultry farmers prefer using rearing chicken with automatic chicken cage or automatic ground feeding line, the biggest advantage is full automatic and save much labor, for example as above picture showing: the farm has 4 chicken house, only 3 people to manage, when you enter the poultry house two feeding hopper connecting galvanized pipe and there are feeding pans fixed on pipe, Feed conveying system in pipe supplies feed to every pans by electricity, it is a full complete feeding line, water pipe and nipple drinkers are together to make drinking full automatic.

The four chicken house spends 100,000 dollars, total chicken is 40,000 birds, full automatic ground rearing line reduces about a half cost and labor than manual system. the benefit is 38,000 dollars in the first quarter.

The structure of automatic feeding line and drinking line
poultry farm 2

The advantage of automatic chicken cage comparing with ground feeding line

(1) The land coverage of the high density rising system is 70% less than that of ground feeding system equipment.
(2) The centralization of management can save energy sources and materials.
(3) The system save your investment.The raising density can reach 62birds/m2.
(4) The manure belt removal system can keep friendly environment.
(5) Save energy and increase efficiency and egg feed rate.
(6) Advanced technology, lower the egg damaged rate, energy and cost saving, increase efficiency.

(7) Adopting advanced automatic controlling system to achieve feeding,egg collecting,manure removal,ventilation and lighting complete set of equipment to be automatic.

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