Defeather Machine (Middle Type)
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How is chicken defeather machine working?

Chicken feather is pulled up under force of friction of robs, robs are fixed on spindles, dirty water and chicken feather will flow to the bottom of machine. One hour the machine could finish 600 birds.
1. Soak: put chicken in 65 degrees of hot water
2. Move: put chicken on plate of defeather machine
3. Defeather: open the tap, 10 to 30 seconds finish once, then put chicken again, as so recycle working.

Type 1: 5 birds/30 second, manual
Type 2: 600 birds/hour, recycle
Type 3: 1000 birds/hour, recycle
Type 4: >2000 birds/hour, automatic line
The pictures showing and specification is type 2, Please contact us for more information based on your need and farm scale

The machine is always working with chicken scalding machine, cutting machine and package machine to finish broiler processing.

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Capacity: 600 birds ~ 700 birds
Working volt: 380V, 3 phases, 220V, 2 phases
Working power: 3KW
Machine size: 1.7m by 1.2m by 1.0m
Plucking rob length: 0.91m
Material of machine body: stainless steel

1. High defeathering rate: the structure of Best improve it up to 98%
2. Stainless steel material: the machine body is made by stainless steel, working time is more than 5 years
3. Quality Robs and motor: robs changes freely in 1 year and motor too

Please contact us for more information
BEST owns its poultry farms, let us sharing poultry farming experience.
Please let us know which country are you in? What is your farm plan? how many chicken do you have ? In African countries, we have branch and warehouse. Our sales department will give you helpful advice on your farm and feeding, quotation and house design.

Let us talk online whatsApp +86 15533820169 or send email to, I am Amy Fan.
1. Easy to operation, full automatic
2. High efficiency, 24 hours working, one machine is equal to 10 workers
Wooden box, loading in container directly

Cleaning inside and outside of defeathering machine after using every time.
Before starting, confirm all wire connect well.


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