Four types of chicken house design and chicken cage layout in chicken farm
We are accepting and designing chicken poultry farm project for 10 years and installation of chicken cage and poultry equipment too, from our experience, 

There are may four type of house in chicken farm, Open chicken house,Semi open chicken house,Closed chicken house,Underground chicken house: 

a. Open chicken house:

chicken cage 5

There are only simple ceiling,parapet or no wall in the open chicken house,heating with nylon film in winter.The advantage is that the chicken house is low in cost,good ventilation in hot season,ventilation and lighting costs are saved.The disadvantage is that the area is large, the production of chickens is greatly affected by the external environment, and there are many opportunities for disease transmission. Of course we could set up chicken cage or automatic feeding system in it, but request higher quality chicken cage which is resistant to corrosion, at least 10 years no rusting of deep galvanized chicken cage, in some African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and so on these hot weather and longer raining season farmers like it very much.

b. Semi open chicken house:

chicken cage 6

There are windows in the house, all or most time the ventilation and lighting rely on natural situation, the temperature changes with the seasons. The advantage is that the chicken house is low in cost, less equipment investment, less power consumption of lighting. The disadvantage is that the area is large,rearing density low, antiepidemic is difficult, the external environment factors have great influence on chickens, laying rate fluctuations. So this type of chicken house the farmers normally use middle quality of chicken cage, lower cost and last 10 years no problem, in some Asian and middle east countries farmers prefer it very much.

c. Closed chicken house:

chicken cage 7

The roof and walls are generally made by materials of good heat insulation capability,no windows, only air inlet and air-bleed hole which can be shaded,the climate in the house is controled by Various regulating equipment.The advantage of this kind of chicken house is that the influence of external climate on chickens was reduced,It is beneficial to adopt advanced feeding management technology and epidemic prevention measures.The disadvantage is high investment,requirements for higher building standards and capability of good and stable ancillary equipment;more power consumption and there must be a stable and reliable supply of electricity. In this kind of chicken house normally installing full automatic poultry equipment, such as automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection and manure removal system, and also air cooling system, through it costs higher, the egg production is higher to 98% in some farms and easy to manage, one 30,000 layers house only one person for all working.

d. Underground chicken house:

Design by principle of closed chicken house,suit one's measures to local conditions,by a pothole terrain construction;daylighting system is artificial lighting and adjustable natural lighting;control the temperature,humidity and air condition by geothermal resources ,wet pad and longitudinal ventilation, munure is discharged by hoisting system, so as to avoid environmental pollution, now very less farmers choose it, very old type. Normally deep litter system inside, chicken cage is not suitable.


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