Automatic Bell Drinker
Why automatic bell drinkers are better choose for chicken ground rearing comparing with the common ground drinkers
Automatic bell drinker also Plasson drinker.It is used together with poultry feeders for chicken feeding and drinking.
it is highly effective and more economical, especially for broilers, broiler need more waters than pullet and layers, All bell drinkers will connect by water pipe and in the end is water tank to stock and supply water of the whole bell drinker line, compare with floor drinkers, no need to add water one by one, save labor working time mostly,much lower cost than chicken cage and equipment.

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1. 80 birds or 100 birds per piece
2. 36.5cm ( w )* 33cm ( h ) * 4.7cm ( d )
3. Poultry like chicken, duck and so on, feed on ground
4. Supply water pipe and water tank for automatic bell drinker
5. Can print your LOGO as your requried

BEST® Bell drinkers are made of a rugged high-impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the ravages of the active broiler house for many years.

BEST® choose 100% new pure PE material, anti-corrosion and sunscreen, by our own farm using, the lifespan is around 3-5 years

1. Approximately 8-10 Plasson Drinkers are needed per 1000 adult birds.
2. Distance between 2 bell drinekers is around 1.5m to 2m
3. All bell drinkers connect with pipes and water tanks stock and supply water to pipes to make full automatic line 

1. Easy to operate- after installation, just check the water flow, no extra working
2. Cleanable - Non-poisonous plastic for the Most Stringent Sanitay Demands
3. Washable - it is easy to clean and wash

In carton box

1. The ballast bottle should be completely filled with water up to the water level line. In frost prone areas, add antifreeze to the water.
2. Adjust drinkers to the proper drinking height, always keeping the drinker lip a little higher than the bird's back.
3. If wet litter develops around the drinker, check the following:
1) Is the water pressure too high?
2) Is the water level in the bell trough too high?
3) Are the drinkers raised high enough?


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