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Chicken Cage

Best® chicken cage - chicken cage and poultry equipment manufacturer since 1996 and 10 years no rusting chicken cage

1.Specification and Structure of chicken cage
1)Type: A type, 3 tier                                                                           
2)Cage size: L by W by H: 2.2m by 2.4m by 1.65m 
3)Capacity: 120 birds/set 
4)One set is between two frames, picture is two sets of cage, mutual frames make to cage line
5)Water tank is one line three piece

2. Frequently Asked Question of farmers                                                     
1) How chicken drinking?
Mark “1” is nipple drinker and water pipe, automatic water out when chicken mouth touch drinker
2) how feeding chicken?
Mark “2” is feeding tough, add chicken feed manually
3) how eggs out?
Mark “3” is egg bottom mesh, about 6cm space opening for egg rolling out
4)when chicken transfer to cage
12 weeks to 16 weeks in laying egg producing period
Following picture for your better understanding

3. Our service
1.Design poultry project or house
2.Delivery to your farm, door to door
3.Supply Installation instruction or video
4. Related equipment
Hatching machine, automatic feeding, egg collection, manure removal, temperature control system, manure dryer, broiler rearing line and processing system

4. Contact us now getting
1)“ how to rearing day old chicken, layers or broilers at different age?”
2)“ how to purchase right and suitable chicken cage or poultry equipment, avoiding mistakes and loosing money?”

5. Call +2348111199996 +8613663282016, if not reach
Or Whatsapp me +2348111199996 or +8613663282016, 24 hour online.
Anny Best is here, 10 years experience of African poultry farm, waiting for you to discuss a quality farm plan and choose right chicken cage and equipment

  • Specification
  • Why BEST®
  • Project
  • Advantage
  • Package
  • Maintaining

The followed picture is our 4 tiers, 4 sets and 128 birds/set of completed cage sample

1.Chicken cage design and poultry equipment
We make customized project and quotation as your land size or poultry farm plan.
2.Up to 20 years using
Quality hot deep galvanized cage mesh will ensure your cage that it remains protected from corrosion and rust for 10 years at least
3.Raw material selection
Carbon content decides the metal wire hardness, our metal wire for cage ordered from China big steel factory, high hardness and high elastic deformation, make the cage mesh no deformation, cage lifespan improves 3 years at least than common factory

The followed picture is our project in our Nigerian customer farm.
it is ‘H’ type and 5 tiers of full automatic chicken cage with automatic manure belt, automatic feeding system and automatic egg collection system, please contact us to get full pictures showing.

1. Easy to clean chicken waste
There is no overlap of every tiers of battery cage, chicken waste directly drops down to the ground, clean it by water or by manure removal scraper, In deep litter system you had to move all birds then clean.
2. Reduce feed wastage
Normally farming workers add feed to feeding trough twice a day, workers could control feed amount.
3. Increase egg production
The chicken movement is limited in battery cage, hens are confined to absorb more food material that would turn into more frequent production of eggs

The followed picture is showing “A” type of chicken cage with automatic hopper system testing in our factory

1.The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box. 

2.Poultry equipment is in carton box 

the followed pictures showing one is pallet and the other one is full container loading

After cage and poultry equipment finish installation

1. Text poultry equipment to make sure it works well
2. Connect water, to make sure the whole drinking system is well from row beginning to end
3. Replace the nipple drinkers if they link water to protect bird feather, medicinal water will make feather fall off
4. After 2 years using, move all birds, clean the cage mesh and check the fast fittings of poultry equipment, also motors.


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