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H Type Automatic Chicken Cage

Best® Automatic chicken cage - chicken cage manufacturer since 1996 and African branch and office since 2009

The difference between A type and H type of automatic chicken cage is that The frame of A type like "A", the frame of H type like " H", but other equipment such as auto feeding, egg collection and manure removal system are similar.

Electric control cabinet
The feeding,drinking,egg collection and manure removal system all controlled by the electricity control panels.the ventilation fans,cooling pads,sidewall ventilation windows also controlled together automatic.

Automatic Feeding System
The chicken feed stored in the silo nearby and sent by transverse feed auger with motor automatic.the feeding machines can be feeding trolley type or chain feeding system.
Automatic Drinking System
Square or Round pipes(thickness 2.5mm) with stainless steel nipple drinkers,and constituted by Water Pressure Regulators,filters and dosers from DOSATRON.

Egg-collection System
Egg production much than floor raising and all egg can be equipped with vertical automatic egg collection system and egg conveyor available to the egg store room;

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The Normal Specifications of Cages
● Cage Dimension/Cell:(390--490)*(350--500)*(380--430)mm,5cells/Unit, 
● 6(3tiers)/8(4tiers)units/sets.
● Installed Dimension/sets:2000*1200*410mm.
● Total Floor Area per cell:430--500;total Birds/Cell:3--5 birds; 450
● Battery Cage Dimension:any dimension of Cages are available from clients.
   Battery Cage System tiers: 2--5 tiers optional available.


With state of the art facilities,powerful R & D team and rigorous quality management system, Best has owned undoubtedly the strength to become your preferred partner to build modern automated poultry farms.In addition,we have an experienced,quick-response project team which helps customers with poultry farm location planning,chicken house design and construction and equipment installation as well as provides product upgrade and free technical consulting services.


According to your land survey, we could make the whole design of your poultry farm project and supply installation service.


● Greater number of birds is reared per unit of area and it helps in identifying poor producers and prompt culling,so it saves more cost for Farmers because its much lower investment as H Frame Cage System;
● More Suitable to use in rain-less district,durable and solid structure for long lifetime;
● Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance;
● Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge;
●The cage method of housing is ideal for the area of moderated climate conditions where the day temperature in summer is not high or fall too low;
●The overlap parts is smaller so the chicken house can get much better ventilation,it can be used both in open or close house according clients’ needs.


The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box. 
1. Less of full container: below 80 sets, first packed with plastic film then on the pallets 
2. Full container: Nude packing 


1. After finish installation, clean the feeding trough
2. Connect water, to make sure the whole drinking system is well from row beginning to end
3. After 2 years using, move all birds, clean the cage mesh

4. Replace the nipple drinkers if they link water to protect brid feather, medicinal water will make feather fall off


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