Broiler Feeding Line
what is automatic feeding line?

It is right suitable for broiler farms besides broiler cage, the feeding and drinking line could adjust the height following the chicken age, more efficiency and saving labor cost than the traditional broiler feeding which is by manual feeder and drinker.
1. Automatic feeding line
Chicken food in hopper are delivered to each feeding pan by motor and the material level sensor automatically controls motor opening and closing
2. Automatic drinking line

Water pipe supplies water, water flows to chicken mouth by chicken touching

Please let us know which country are you in? What is your farm plan? how many chicken do you have ? In African countries, we have branch and warehouse. Our sales department will give you helpful advice on your farm and feeding, quotation and house design.
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Automatic feeding line

Automatic drinking line

Please give us your house size or starting feeding capacity of birds, we will give you full quotation list with all fittings.


The quality is assured
1. Material level sensor is imported from Germany, stable and reliable performance
2. All plastic fittings are 100% pure PE or PP, anti-corrosion
3. Hot dipping galvanized conveying tube, no rusting for years


We will as your birds capacity design chicken house and quantity of drinking line and feeding line, if you have house we will design the layout as your house size


1. Full automatic operated for broiler, breeding birds
2. Can be adjusted according to different day age of chickens
3. Saving feed, less manpower and cost
4. Increase feed efficiency ratio
5. Easier to install and use


Carton box: Feeder pan,Hanging system,Water spare parts like medicator, regulator,cup
Plastic bag: watering pipe fitted with nipple
Other fittings in bulk


1. Washing
clean sediment and dirty in poultry feeder and drinker once one week at least
2. Far away from sunshine
sunshine will reduce its lifespan and accelerated aging
3. Disinfecting
disinfect once one week to reduce the transmission of diseases


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